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Who Is Nelly Furtado’s Baby Daddy And Nevis Gahunia’s Father Jasper Gahunia?

Who Is Nelly Furtado’s Baby Daddy And Nevis Gahunia’s Father Jasper Gahunia?

Nelly Furtado is a Canadian singer-songwriter recognized for her musical range. She first garnered popularity with her debut album, Whoa, Nelly! which was a tremendous commercial hit and also won her very first Grammy.

After her first Grammy, Nelly went on to release more hit albums and is currently enjoying motherhood. Yes, she welcomed a daughter named Nevis Gahunia with her previous partner, Jasper Gahunia. Despite splitting ways, the pair found methods to co-parent.

Therefore, here’s all about Nelly Furtado’s baby daddy and Nevis Gahunia’s father, Jasper Gahunia, and his whereabouts.

Nelly Furtado’s Baby Daddy, Jasper Gahunia, Is A Musician-Cum-Sound Designer

Canadian singer Nelly Furtado’s ex-boyfriend, Jasper Gahunia, is a musician and sound designer. He is an acclaimed sound designer for RUBBERBAND Dance Group since 2008. According to Gahunia’s LinkedIn, his function with RUBBERBAND Dance is to create music for a modern dance stage shows and short films.

Likewise, according to Jasper Gahunia’s IMDb, he has worked in the musical section of a couple of movies. He has worked in With You Always as a musician and in Murder in Paradise as a composer. Similarly, Gahunia also has credit for the soundtrack in Project Runway Spotlight: Marchesa and With You Always.

Besides working as a freelance musician and composer for the past sixteen years, Nelly Furtado’s ex-boyfriend also works for the Royal Conservatory of Music Community School as a teacher for the Scratch DJ Fundamental class. Likewise, he had worked for Nelly Furtado as a studio DJ.

While he is a prominent figure in the music industry, Nevis Gahunia’s father Jasper, has a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and Health, Kinesiology, and Exercise Science from the University of Toronto. Well, Jasper’s amazing performances have been headlined in various periodicals.

Besides having a thriving career DJing, Jasper Gahunia is a doting father of a girl with Nelly. The ex-couple dated for a few years before calling it quits but are co-parenting their only kid

Nelly And Jasper Dated For Four Years

As stated earlier, Nelly Furtado’s ex-boyfriend, Jasper, has a massive career as DJ. Moreover, his stage name is DJ Lil’ Jaz, who Nelly identified as a DJ-turntablist/keyboard player/producer.

Unfortunately, there are no details about the pair’s connection, but in an interview, Nelly stated that they were friends for half a decade or more before plunging into a romance. Nelly and Jasper then were together for four years before calling it quits. They undoubtedly had their fair share of their ups and downs and enjoyed one another’s company. However, things did not work out between Nelly and Jasper. Thus, both parted ways amicably.

Interestingly, when questioned why Nelly and Jasper never got married, she stated that she’s a modern kind and does not abide by society’s standards. Thus, one’s contradicting the view of marriage might have been the basis behind Furtado-Gahunia’s break-up.

Nelly Furtado’s Baby Daddy Jasper Gahunia is entirely dedicated to his job and keeps his life a secret. Image Source: Jasper’s Instagram.

Currently, Nelly is happily unmarried and living in Toronto, while Nevis Gahunia’s father Jasper wishes to keep his life concealed from the media spotlight. His social profiles are exclusively professional, and he rarely publishes anything which highlights his life.

Jasper and Nelly Share A Daughter, Nevis Gahunia

As indicated previously, Jasper and Nelly received a daughter throughout the four years of their partnership.

The pair welcomed their only child, Nevis Chetan Gahunia, on September 20, 2003, in Toronto. The former couple, Nelly and Jasper, named their daughter after the island on which she was conceived in the Kingdom of Saint Christopher and Nevis.

The duo is active co-parents and have maintained a pleasant connection even after years of separation. Moreover, Nelly rarely publishes anything personal on her Instagram, and their daughter, Nevis, is growing up into a lovely woman.

Jasper Gahunia and Nelly Furtado’s kid, Nevis Gahunia, is, in fact, highly active on her social media compared to her parents. While reading over her Instagram, she looks to be enjoying her youth with her pals and is adventurous.

Nevis, too, does not divulge much of her family, yet she must be close to her parents.

In conclusion, Nelly Furtado’s baby daddy and ex-boyfriend Jasper Gahunia is a successful DJ and a doting father who prefers to keep his life away from social attention. Nevertheless, let’s hope to hear more about his life in the future days.

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