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Who Is the Girlfriend of Jacob Latimore? Every aspect of Serayah

Who Is the Girlfriend of Jacob Latimore? Every aspect of Serayah

Actor and singer Jacob Latimore is best known for his roles in the films Vanishing on 7th Street, Black Nativity, and Ride Along. Additionally, he has acted in a few TV shows, most recently in The Chi, in which he portrays the lead character Emmett.

Latimore is a talented singer as well. He has so far put out three albums and a lot of singles. Serayah, the actor’s girlfriend, and him are now dating.

Serayah participates actively in both the acting and music industries, similar to Latimore.

Here is a detailed look into Serayah’s job and the couple’s relationship.

The Relationship Timeline of The Couple

Serayah and Latimore initially encountered one another at the BET Awards in 2015 after learning about one another via a mutual friend.

The pair recalled that their exchange had been quite brief. The actress, however, had captured Latimore’s attention with her attractiveness in those brief minutes.

The couple would not formally announce their relationship until May 2019, despite speculations surrounding their relationship. In a covert interview at the launch party for Cardi B x Fashion Nova, Serayah revealed they were dating.

Latimore has never dated somebody in this line of work before. Despite their hectic schedules, the actor acknowledges that it might be challenging for them to find time to see each other.

The couple’s personal lives have not been impacted by their work. Serayah accepts his hot on-screen roles and recognizes that it is part of his line of work.

Serayah believes that her partnership has aided in her spiritual development. She admitted that they had both supported one another in overcoming and surviving their earlier experiences.

By being open with one another, the couple balances their relationship and careers for the benefit of one another. Since they always have each other’s backs, their friendship has gotten stronger over time.

Through their social media, the couple continuously flatters one another. They appear to be one other’s biggest fans, supporting both each other’s music and successes.

On the song “Caught Up,” written by Latimore, his girlfriend was also a featured vocalist.

Serayah, who is she?

Serayah is an actress who is most well-known for playing Tiana Brown on the television program Empire. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, caused the cancellation of the series in 2020.

She has collaborated with her fellow cast members to create multiple soundtracks for the show as a performer. Serayah has always enjoyed singing and dancing.

She admitted to writing gospel songs at the age of nine and participating in youth choirs and dance teams in an interview with Talk Nerdy With Us.

She grew up admiring notable female figures in the music business. She was motivated to become a performer by bands and singers like Destiny’s Child, Britney Spears, and Janet Jackson, among others.

Serayah released the album “Never Be The Same” in April 2020. Mr. Lover, Never Be The Same, and Miss You were the album’s three singles.

Serayah revealed when questioned about the album that the songs were influenced by her relationship and the feelings she experienced while falling in love.

She went on to say that 2019 had assisted her in starting a journey toward self-improvement and helping her finally arrive at a state of enlightenment. In the end, this gave her the confidence to convey the emotions that came through in the song.

The Upcoming Projects of Serayah

Serayah met with LadyGunn in March 2021 to discuss her forthcoming endeavors. She advertised her two next movies, Favorite Son and Envy, both of which will be released in 2021.

The actress made good use of her COVID-19 quarantine time. She allegedly sent out numerous self-tape auditions in an effort to get involved in fresh projects.

Serayah has increased the size of her team to plan and develop concepts in order to maintain her music career.

She also disclosed that she had been recording and was preparing to release her debut album.

She acknowledged that she was working on a song with Rick Ross called “Tell Me About Myself” that might be released shortly. Her journey from nothing to something is the subject of the song.

She provided a little sneak preview of her upcoming album and described the style she experimented with as “trap, soul, pop-ish.” Serayah is sure that her much-awaited album would be on Billboard because of her voice and the songs on it.