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Emma Chamberlain’s Boyfriend: Biography, Age, Parents, Height, and Net Worth

Emma Chamberlain’s Boyfriend: Biography, Age, Parents, Height, and Net Worth

Emma Chamberlain, a 17-year-old Youtuber, has been named as a major suspect in a theft case in which she is accused of stealing a hunky man’s heart.

In July 2017, the California native rose to prominence thanks to the video “we all owe the dollar shop an apology,” which has been viewed over 3.2 million times (as of 2018).

We Didn’t Mean It: Emma Chamberlain’s first viral video, in which she asks a dollar store for an apology (Published on Jul 27, 2017)

Emma Chamberlain’s wiki facts include her developing career in Youtube at the age of 17, which has resulted in a large net worth and a prospective boyfriend.

The Youtube Journey of Emma Chamberlain

After dropping out in 2016, the biology-loving student from Norte Dame High School in San Carlos, California, felt out of place and gave a shout-out to Youtube.

The vlogger launched her self-titled channel in June 2016, but it wasn’t until June 2017 that she released her first video, City Inspired Summer Lookbook. Strange?

Three times a week, the YouTuber has been actively posting a variety of content (vlogs, DIY videos, hauls, and lifestyle videos) and guess what? In her two years on YouTube, she has amassed an astonishing 5.5 million+ (2018) subscribers.

In a few years, the headlines may read, “Emma Chamberlain’s channel reaches 10 million members!”

How much money does Emma Chamberlain have? Merch?

The web sensation has a net worth of $1.7 million based only on YouTube.

Emma launched her own gear as her popularity and fans grew, significantly enhancing her income. According to reports, major talent agency UTA signed the YouTube sensation, and the two collaborated to establish her first-ever apparel brand, Low Key By Emma C Or High Key By Emma. According to Emma, the merch line was inspired by her ‘alter personality.’

Fans have chastised her for blurring product images and overpricing since the introduction of the merch line, yet her merchandise has sold out.

Emma Chamberlain’s bio includes information such as her age, parents, nationality, height, and ethnicity.

17 years of age Emma was born on May 22, 2001, and raised in the state of California. She has remained in the location to this day.

Michael Chamberlain, the blonde’s oil painter father, has his own YouTube channel (133k+ subscribers). She likes her artist father and regularly posts about him on social media (recently gave him a Birthday surprise in July 2018)

When it comes to revealing her mother, though, she has kept silent. This could be the cause for her ethnicity being hidden. She could have kept her American identity a secret as well if she had chosen to!

The YouTube sensation is 5 ft. 4 inches tall and enjoys working out to keep her body weight around 50 kg.

Is Ethan Dolan, a Vine/Youtube sensation, Emma Chamberlain’s boyfriend?

The followers/viewers of the two internet stars have always had their opinions on Chamberlain-Dolan collaboration videos. No matter how many times they refer to their relationship as a platonic friendship, the rumor that Ethan is Emma’s boyfriend persists.

Fans continue to put Ethan Dolan and Emma Chamberlain’s amazing chemistry to the test (Published on Aug 31, 2018)

Ethan, who co-owns a multi-million dollar YouTube channel with his twin brother Grayson Dolan, has cooperated with Emma on videos, and as fans have guessed, they have been sighted together strangely -‘more than usual.’

Ethan Dolan’s photo with Emma Chamberlain on Independence Day sparked rumors that they were dating (July 5, 2018). (Image courtesy of Ethan Dolan’s Instagram)

Isn’t it the 4th of July? Who knows, maybe they’ve been seeing each other for four years!