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Luis Miguel and his children have never had the best relationship.

Luis Miguel and his children have never had the best relationship.

One of the most popular Latin musicians of all time is Luis Miguel, popularly referred to as El Sol de México (the sun of Mexico). Since 1985, he has been actively involved in the music industry and has received numerous honors, including six Grammy Awards and six Latin Grammy Awards.

While Miguel is renowned for his singing, writing, and vocal abilities, his personal and family life receives less attention. He has three kids total, three kids with two separate ladies.

Unfortunately, he is not regarded favorably by his children’s moms in particular.

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Father Luis Miguel Is Not Present

Miguel has been consistently accused of being an absent father in various media throughout the years. Actress Aracely Arámbula accused the musician of avoiding his obligations to his children in 2014, according to an exclusive story from TMZ.

They dated from 2005 to 2009 and had two children together.

Arámbula spoke to TMZ two years after submitting legal paperwork for child support. She asserted that Miguel was avoiding her, therefore she could not serve it to him.

The performer asserted that he was never properly served.

Arámbula said that she received a monthly child support offer of $15K for two children. She did point out, though, that Miguel made a good living and that the child support was insufficient.

She requested a minimum of $60K every month, but she was unable to properly inform him because he was not in touch with her. Similar to how Miguel leaving California for Florida negates Arámbula’s legal right to sue him due to lack of venue.

She added that she had tried her hardest to help him, but it had been in vain. Miguel, though, was adamant that he had never received decent service.

The boys of Arámbula likewise don’t regard Miguel as their father. The children don’t see the musician as their father because they don’t spend much time with him, according to TVNotas (via Latin Times).

Instead, the two boys’ father figures are Arámbula’s father and brother.

Luis Miguel was unaware of his daughter.

In the late 1980s, Miguel was dating Stephanie Salas. On June 13, 1989, Michelle Salas was born into the world. Miguel and Stephanie broke up because they were both young and not exclusive.

Miguel’s bond with his daughter started after Michelle called him out in an interview. He tried to get in touch with her after she insisted on answers or he would turn his back on her.

The musician reportedly did not recognize his daughter until she reached adulthood, according to then 24. According to the publication, Arámbula assisted Michelle in making amends with her father.

Sadly, it is unclear if the father and daughter are still in a committed relationship. Currently, Michelle, 32, is thriving on her own.

She is an influencer and runs the Drunk by Beauty cosmetics line. If Miguel has any other children, that is unknown.

He dated the ballerina Mollie Gould for three years. According to Cultural Collective, the couple began dating in 2018 and broke up in 2021 when Gould cheated on the singer.