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How much money does Michael Che earn on Saturday Night Live? An Estimate of His Total Net Worth

How much money does Michael Che earn on Saturday Night Live? An Estimate of His Total Net Worth

Since 2014, Michel Che has co-hosted Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update with Colin Jost. He is a veteran of the comedy showcase and, together with his co-anchor, also acts as its lead writer.

Che has become one of Saturday Night Live’s most known faces, with his deadpan punch lines and sarcastic distancing a staple of Weekend Update. The comedian has also dabbled in other projects, such as That Damn Michael Che, an HBO Max sketch comedy.

Michael Che’s Salary and Net Worth on Saturday Night Live

Che joined Saturday Night Live as a writer in 2013 and became the host of Weekend Update the following year. In 2017, he was promoted to show’s lead writer, and he is now one of the most prominent cast members.

Che has been a cast member of Saturday Night Live for almost a decade, and according to Celebrity Net Worth, a veteran like him earns $15,000 every show. He earns around $315,000 per season due to the fact that there are 21 episodes in a season.

Cast members’ pay rises in direct proportion to their length of service on SNL. According to the website, first-year cast members earn $7,000 per episode, while second-year cast members earn $8,000 per episode. Those who have made it to season five and beyond get paid $15,000 every episode.

Aside from his career on Saturday Night Live, Che has been in various films and has his own show, That Damn Michael Che, which premiered on May 6, 2021. His net worth is reported to be in the $4 million range.

‘That Damn Michael Che,’ says the narrator.

That Damn Michael Che, Che’s HBO Max original comedy series, premiered recently. Through the views of the comic, it explores many issues such as policing, Satan, and prison.

Method Man, Cecily Strong, Omari Hardwick, Colin Jost, and other well-known celebrities and SNL cast members to appear in the film. The show is divided into six episodes, each depicting a different facet of life.

Che has also appeared in a number of other films, including Lyle (2014), Detroiters (2017), The Other Two (2019), and Sesame Street (2019).

Reaction to the Gen Z Hospital Sketch

Che has been a part of Saturday Night Live for a long time, and he has been responsible for a lot of laughs and gags. However, not all of them go smoothly, and he recently had a particularly unpleasant incident.

Che’s sketch “Gen Z Hospital” on Saturday Night Live drew a lot of flak. It was meant to mock terms and slang commonly used by young people, such as “bruh” and “stan,” among others.

Unfortunately, the sketch was a flop, and many people complained that it mocked AAVE (African-American Vernacular English). Che responded to the reaction on Instagram, emphasizing that he had no idea what AAVE was and had no intention of offending the AAVE community.