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Who Is Claudine De Matos, Who Is Raphael De Niro’s Ex-wife? Divorce Reasons

Who Is Claudine De Matos, Who Is Raphael De Niro’s Ex-wife? Divorce Reasons

Raphael De Niro, an American real estate broker, is a well-known person in the American entertainment industry. He is well-known not only as the son of Robert De Nero and his wife Diahnne Abbott, but also on his own. Raphael frequently manages real estate for his famous clients. As a result, he is well-liked by practically every star.

Raphael De Niro, a former actor, has been married twice. On March 13, 2020, he married Hannah Carnes, who is a beautiful woman. Raphael was previously married to Claudine De Matos, who he married from March 2008 to January 2020.

So, who is Claudine DeMatos, Raphael De Niro’s ex-wife? What could have caused him to divorce his first wife? Let’s get to the bottom of it right now.

Claudine De Niro, Raphael De Niro’s First Wife

Raphael De Niro, a Douglas Elliman broker, married Claudine Dominique DeMatos on March 3, 2008. DeMatos was his DeNiro Group coworker at the time. Their wedding was officiated by Rev. Dianne Coverly, a catholic minister and marriage officer in the Bahamas. De Niro’s private estate in Nassau hosted the wedding ceremony.

Raphael and his then-wife Claudine went on to have three children together in the years after their marriage. Ella De Niro and Alexandria De Niro are their daughters, while Nicholas De Niro is their son.

Raphael De Niro and his ex-wife Claudine DeMatos have three children together. Claudine De Niro/Claudine De Niro/Instagram

Raphael and Claudine’s marriage began to deteriorate after seven years of marriage. In 2015, they divorced. Raphael filed for divorce from Claudine after two years. Only three years later, on January 3, 2020, the divorce was formalized.

Reasons to Untangle a 13-Year-Old Marital Knot

Raphael and his ex-wife Claudine have officially divorced, claiming irreconcilable differences as the reason. However, it appears that both real estate brokers played a significant role in their divorce proceedings. De Niro and Claudine, on the other hand, kept their reasons to themselves.

A series of occurrences occurred both before and after the ex-divorce couple’s was officially confirmed. Claudine was in the news in 2017 for a variety of reasons. Linda Williams, her former nanny, was accused of racial discrimination. Thais Dilazary, Claudine’s domestic helper, also sued her for neglecting to pay her overtime and withholding wages. Claudine’s discriminating attitude may have caused her ex-husband and former in-laws to distance themselves from her.

Furthermore, Raphael, Claudine’s ex-husband, has been dating fashion stylist Hannah Carnes since 2015. It was also the year in which Claudine and Raphael kept their distance from one another. As a result, Raphael’s involvement with another lady may have played a role in their breakup.

As a result, we can only make educated guesses on the causes. The true motivations for Raphael De Niro and Claudia DeMatos’ divorce remain a mystery. We can only hope that the ex-couples would come clean about it shortly.

Cuba Gooding Jr. and Claudine’s Affair

Claudine began dating Cuba Michael Gooding Jr., an actor and director, after her divorce from former spouse Raphael De Niro. The two met while pursuing their divorces in the same court, and they quickly became friends. Their relationship began in October of 2018.

When Claudine and Cuba Gooding were spotted together in Miami, word of their romance traveled quickly. Later, during a dinner party in Manhattan, they were caught FaceTiming with each other. Prior to that, Claudine and Gooding had to deal with a slew of charges and unfavorable feedback. Despite this, Claudine and Cuba’s love relationship has flourished to this point.

Raphael De Niro’s Ex-Wife Facts

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