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Who Has the ‘Lesbian Jesus’ Been Linked With in Hayley Kiyoko’s Dating History?

Who Has the ‘Lesbian Jesus’ Been Linked With in Hayley Kiyoko’s Dating History?

Hayley Kiyoko, who identifies as a lesbian, has been extremely discreet about her dating life. According to multiple sources, she is currently unmarried, although she has not commented publicly on her relationship status.

She has been linked — affirmed or unconfirmed — to several individuals over the years, including former The Bachelor cast member Becca Tilley, Scooby-Doo live-action film series actor Nick Palatas, and fellow singer-songwriter Kehlani.

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Fans Considered Hayley Kiyoko and Becca Tilley to Be Dating.

Many internet users began to speculate that Kiyoko and Tilley may be more than just BFFs after recognizing their closeness.

According to reports, the two met in 2018 through mutual acquaintances, and since then, at least according to their photos, they have been inseparable. In August of that year, a photograph from a party with acquaintances appeared online.

In May, when they were photographed at NYLON’s Annual Young Hollywood Party, the two appeared to be intimate.

In addition, Tilley publicly supported Kiyoko in December after the singer won the Rising Star Award at Women In Music by Billboard. She added, “SO PROUD!” after retweeting Billboard’s tweet about her purported girlfriend’s emotional acceptance speech.

The reality TV star also posted a video of herself sitting next to Kiyoko as she awoke from a nap during their voyage on the same day.In the tweet, she expressed how fortunate she felt to have spent the previous six hours sitting next to the singer, before asking if she had gotten her “beauty sleep.” Kiyoko responded by asking, “Can’t you tell?”

However, Did They Actually Date?

None of them confirmed the allegations that they were dating, despite the fact that they had been circulating for a long time and with great intensity. In June 2019, Tilley’s relationship with her fiancé was made public, putting an end to the rumors.

During a game of Truth or Drink with her co-host Tanya Rad on their podcast Scrubbing In, she disclosed that she had been dating her partner in private since late 2018. But when asked for his identity, she chose to drink instead.

Tilley told Us Weekly at the 2nd Annual American Influencer Awards in November 2019 that she and her boyfriend were in a “really good place”

Hayley Kiyoko’s rumored relationship with Kehlani was also unfounded!

In 2018, Kiyoko and Kehlani appeared as lovers in the music video for ‘What I Need’ by Kiyoko. It is clear where the rumor of their relationship originated.

However, the rumor was false; Kehlani was never Kiyoko’s girlfriend.

The Singer Is Afraid to Take Risks with Girls

In June of this year, Kiyoko, affectionately referred to by her admirers as “Lesbian Jesus,” sat down with Buzzfeed to discuss her new song “Chance” and its inspiration.The singer stated that she frequently had opportunities with women, but she never pursued them out of fear.

If we had to speculate as to why she is still secretive about her dating life, her tendency to be fearful of revealing her secrets could be a factor. But we can only speculate!