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What You Should Know About Tina Cohen, Jamie O’Brien’s Girlfriend

What You Should Know About Tina Cohen, Jamie O’Brien’s Girlfriend

Jamie O’Brien, a professional surfer, has had ground-breaking success in the sport. As his reputation has grown, fans have been increasingly interested in learning more about his personal life and have asked things like, “Is Jamie O’Brien married?”

The 38-year-old has a potential wife, Tina Cohen, despite not being married. Around 2018, they began interacting on each other’s social media, and on February 13, 2019, they started dating.

Cohen shared a photo of herself and her boyfriend in front of Oahu’s North Shore sunset on their first anniversary of dating. On their second anniversary, O’Brien published a happy image, though.

He shared a gallery of photos with his girlfriend and included a loving caption for each image. He wrote, “I love you more than all the sand in the world.”

The couple is undeniably very public about their developing romance; they regularly publish photos of one another on social media.

Nevertheless, despite being out in the open, O’Brien’s girlfriend still has a lot of secrets. So, let’s go over some information concerning Cohen that you should be aware of.

The History of Jamie O’Brien’s Girlfriend

Cohen, O’Brien’s partner, was born and reared in Hawaii on Oahu’s North Shore. She has a birthday on March 21 every year, despite the fact that her exact age is unknown. It’s interesting to note that O’Brien was born and raised in Kahuku, Hawaii.

Tina Cohen Also Enjoys Surfing

O’Brien and Cohen not only come from the same place, but they also have similar interests. Cohen enjoys surfing much like a pro surfer.

Cohen has actually been surfing her entire life because she grew up close to the renowned Banzai Pipeline, where the biggest waves in the world can be found.

She was introduced to the water by her mother, a competitive bodyboarder, at an early age. As a result, the surfer was able to bodyboard at the age of six.

She now surfs, has adventures, and watches over swimmers at Haleiwa Ali’i Beach. She likes modeling in addition to surfing.

O’Brien’s girlfriend speaks Japanese fluently

The intrepid traveler revealed details of her early life and said she spoke Japanese fluently in a blog post for Eidon. She describes her upbringing as being Japanese-influenced.

But it didn’t end there. Cohen even completed her schoolwork in Japanese. Although Cohen made it clear that she had never lived in Japan, she nevertheless considered Japanese to be her mother tongue.

Tina Cohen attended a homeschool

Cohen spent most of her academic career being homeschooled.

She talked about her self-motivation in the aforementioned interview and highlighted how one needs to be self-driven to do all of the schoolwork.

She reportedly set a goal for herself each day and didn’t do anything else until she achieved it.

In 2018, Cohen earned a degree in business management and marketing from the University of Hawaii-West Oahu-affiliated Leeward Community College.