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What is the net worth of comedian Erik Griffin?

What is the net worth of comedian Erik Griffin?

Since 2003, comedian Erik Griffin has worked in the entertainment industry. He is most known for his role as Montez Walker in the comedy series Workaholics (2011-2017) and for his numerous funny stand-up routines.

Ironically, “workaholic” is also a phrase that fits his personality in real life. Griffin has kept himself busy despite the fact that Hollywood films have been halted owing to COVID-19. He currently makes a nice living from his podcast and a few of the projects he completed in 2020.

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Erik Griffin’s ‘Riffin with Griffin’ Podcast is keeping him busy.

The majority of Griffin’s podcast episodes can be found on his YouTube channel. However, certain episodes, including his very first, are lost.

Griffin, a resident of Los Angeles, California, began his podcast, Riffin With Griffin, in late 2018. His podcast did not take off right once, and it took a few episodes for him to achieve substantial views.

He put a lot of effort into building the podcast into a decent product and a good source of money for himself because he couldn’t go out and perform comedy for most of this year due to the pandemic.

His podcast is now one of his regular activities, and he has included several well-known musicians on it, including Bill Burr, Bobby Lee, Andrew Santino, Russell Peters, and others. As you can anticipate, the programs with these guests have earned more views than his regular shows.

For the time being, it can be assumed that the podcast is generating significant revenue for him, based on the significant views and listens on YouTube and Apple Podcasts combined.

In 2020, Griffen is also working on a few projects.

Erik Griffin has appeared in movies and television shows in 2020, in addition to his podcasts. He played Principal Sykes in Bad Therapy (2020), Henry Gibbs in The Sleepover (2020), and Officer Ford in Guest House, according to his IMDb website (2020).

In addition, as of October 2020, two more of his projects, Val and Mayfiled’s Game, were in post-production.

Griffin was also featured in the year of COVID on Comedy Central’s Lights Out With David Spade. In 2020, he appeared as a panelist in four episodes of the show, following four appearances in 2019.

Erik Griffin has returned to standup comedy after a long hiatus.

Finally, Griffin began performing stand-up routines in public settings such as beaches to ensure that he and everyone else present were safe.

He also participates in Twitch Gaming and Merchandise.

Erik Griffin is a Twitch streamer with a verified channel, schedules, and more, which few people are aware of. For the time being, he only streams Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Warzone. Every stream receives hundreds, if not thousands, of views, which amounts to a fair amount of money.

Griffin should be able to make money on Twitch through a few different means, according to an article from Influencer Marketing Hub. He may make money from Twitch Bits, which pays him one cent for every Bit donated to him on his channel by his admirers.

Twitch subscriptions, which are monthly payments made by his Twitch supporters, are also a regular source of income. Subscription revenue is split evenly between him and Twitch.

Griffin has his own line of apparel, which is based on both his podcast and his gaming. T-shirts, hoodies, masks, mugs, and sweatshirts are among the items he offers.

Erik Griffin’s net worth is unknown.

We can estimate Erik Griffin earns a lot of money based on all of the revenue sources stated above. We don’t have a definite, verified quantity to back that up, though. This is due to the fact that no reliable website has yet given any information on his earnings or net worth.

If you really want to know, the most common estimate given by websites when asked about Erik Griffin’s net worth in 2021 is $5 million.