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What Happened to Kirko Bangz’s Son? Details on His Death

What Happened to Kirko Bangz’s Son? Details on His Death

Kirko Bangz, whose smash song “Drank In My Cup” went viral, had not recorded new music in a long time.

Fans understood his absence when he posted on Instagram on October 8, 2020, that his small kid had passed away.

Kirko Bangz’s Son Passes Away

He posted a photo of himself, his son, and the mother, along with a touching comment about their child’s death. Fans quickly noticed that the Houston-born rapper was dealing with a lot in his personal life.

“BIG MAN, soar to new heights. We adore you to bits! “He addressed his letter to his child, who was being held by his mother.

Bangz didn’t go into depth about his son’s death in his statement, but he did hint at some aspects when he said his kid was in a better place and no longer suffering.

His message alluded to the possibility that his child was afflicted.

“I try to make myself think of that to find a tiny bit of brightness in this,” he wrote to console himself after the devastating loss, before concluding, “GOD got you poppa I love u!”

Thousands of admirers responded to Bangz’s message with love and support for the heartbroken parent after the announcement.

Many of his admirers were unaware that he had a son, and as he had not provided any updates, they were left in the dark about his son’s death.

The specific reason is unknown, however, Bangz’s girlfriend, who goes by the Twitter handle “Rayner Guerra,” responded to a deleted tweet in 2017 indicating that their child had two brain problems and had needed six surgeries.

Their son was born in September 2016, according to a post on her Instagram. “Life has so much meaning now,” she captioned a photo of her newborn.

Kirko Bangz’s Daughter’s Mother

Despite the fact that Bangz is a well-known rapper, he has kept his personal life hidden from prying eyes. That includes being a parent since many people were surprised to learn he had a child until the devastating announcement.

In fact, most people were unaware that he was dating.

It’s unclear whether she’s his girlfriend or wife, but she is the mother of his child, according to her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

She lamented their son’s death on Twitter, saying she was “incomplete” and “could never be whole again.”

There are no images of her on his Instagram account.

However, on August 26, he posted a photo of himself with her on Twitter, referring to her as his “love of life.”

His girlfriend reshared the photo as well, stating in the message that they’d been together since 2013.

Bangz hasn’t divulged much about his personal life aside from his Twitter post.