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What Happened to Anna Akana and Ray William Johnson? Their Background and Reasons for Divorce

What Happened to Anna Akana and Ray William Johnson? Their Background and Reasons for Divorce

Anna Akana, who played Raikou in the Netflix superhero series Jupiter’s legacy earlier this year, is a multi-talented woman. And she’s proven her talent as a professional actress, comedian, musician, filmmaker, and YouTuber throughout the years.

The 32-year-old diva rose to prominence in the early stages of her career, around 2013, for her purported relationship with fellow YouTube star Ray William Johnson.

According to reports, the two began dating in March of 2013. Akana and Johnson used to appear on one other’s social media accounts and make content together when they were dating.

Akana and her ex-boyfriend, on the other hand, are no longer dating. So, what happened to them and why did they end their relationship?

Their Relationship’s Beginning

As previously stated, Akana and Johnson began dating in March of 2013. They were, however, just good friends for a long time before that.

When the cast of A Million Little Things updated her Facebook status from “Single” to “It’s Complicated” in the BreakingNYC vlog, their relationship became public.

In another BreakingNYC vlog titled ‘Vegas New Years,’ they also discussed their first kiss.

For those unfamiliar with Akana’s past, she used to run the BreakingNYC YouTube channel, where she aired vlogs and featured her ex-boyfriend Johnson.

Although the channel has over 644,000 members, it is no longer operating, and all of the videos has been removed.

Projects by Anna Akana and Ray William Johnson

Johnson and Akana previously collaborated on the Facebook series Riley Rewind. The series was directed by Johnson, while Akana wrote and starred in it.

The actress portrayed a high school student who had the ability to “rewind” episodes in her life and relive them over and over again in the series.

She also uses her abilities to save students who had died as a result of a blast in the past.

Runaway Thoughts, a YouTube podcast, was also hosted by the two. However, the content has now been removed from the platform.

‘However, we didn’t work out,’ says the narrator. Says Akana

Akana and Johnson’s relationship didn’t continue long, as they split up after just over a year of dating.

The actress even made a video on another YouTube channel on July 11, 2014, in which she discussed her separation from her lover.

She began the film with a stand-up routine, demonstrating how girls typically react to breakups.

She also joked about being a “serial monogamist,” who had hopped from one relationship to the next for the past 10 years and had never been single for more than three months.

She added that the jump was in pursuit of the ideal mate who would place a ring on her finger and commit to her for the rest of her life.

She eventually got to the topic and stated that she and Johnson were not dating.

She also disclosed why they ended their relationship, adding, “Look, Ray is a wonderful person. I adore him and will always hold him in high regard. We’re cool since he gave me Congress [cat].”

“But, as fantastic as he is, and as amazing as I’d like to think I am,” she continued, “we didn’t work out.”

She added in the video that she was resolved to spend the next year single while also focusing on other elements of her life, such as her work and being a better person.

From that time to now, she has clearly progressed as a content developer and actress.