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What Does Patrick Dempsey’s Sister Alicia Hatten Do?

What Does Patrick Dempsey’s Sister Alicia Hatten Do?

Alicia Hatten was born and raised in the town of Mayfield, Maine, in the United States. Alicia grew up as the eldest child of her parents, and she had a wonderful upbringing with her siblings. Patrick Dempsey’s older sister, is well-known.

Patrick, a devoted father of three children, is balancing his career and personal lives admirably. Alicia is a successful businesswoman, just like him.

For the time being, let’s focus on Patrick Dempsey’s sister, Alicia Hatten, and her current whereabouts.

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Is She Her Parents’ Eldest Child?

As previously stated, Alicia Hatten is the youngest of three children born to Amanda Dempsey and William Allen Dempsey. She was born in the United States in the town of Buckfield in the month of April 1959. Alicia Hatten’s mother worked as a school secretary, and her father worked in the insurance industry.

Hatten lost her father in 1983, and her mother married Howard Lowell in 1994. Howard’s first marriage resulted in eight children.

Alicia Hatten’s parents welcomed their second daughter, Mary Dempsey, a year after she was born. On January 13, 1966, Amanda gave birth to her son, Patrick Dempsey. Growing childhood, the three siblings may have had a lot of fun.

Alicia Dempsey was raised in Mayfield, Ohio, with her sister Mary and brother Patrick. Mary Dempsey’s Facebook page is the source of this image.

Mary Hatten, Alicia’s younger sister, is now a certified Laughing Yoga instructor. She also works as an executive director of the Cancer Resource Center of Wester, Maine, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Furthermore, Mary has been the Director of Activities and Recreation at Marshwood Healthcare since October 2018. Nicole Chamberland, her daughter, is her pride and joy.

Patrick Hatten, Alicia Hatten’s brother, is a well-known actor who has amassed a great deal of fame and riches. He has three children, Talula Fyfe Dempsey, Darby Galen Dempsey, and Sullivan Patrick Dempsey, with whom he shares a rich and affluent lifestyle.

Is one of the Dempsey Center’s founders.

The Dempsey Center was launched in 2008 by Alicia Hatten and her brothers. The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing was the name of the center when it first opened. It was founded in collaboration with Lewiston’s Central Main Medical Center (CMMC) to help cancer patients and their families.

Alicia and her siblings established the Dempsey Center in memory of their mother, Amanda Dempsey. In 1997, Alicia’s mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which she later relapsed five times. The three siblings were inspired to help build the cancer clinic after their mother’s personal fight with the disease. Their mother fought the sickness for 17 years before passing away on March 24, 2014.

The Dempsey Center had a $2.2 million yearly budget, 20 employees, and served more than 40,000 individuals in a year as of the summer of 2017. It offers alternative therapies, free cancer support, and information to patients regardless of where they are treated or live.

As previously stated, the center is a division of Central Maine Medical Center, which is operated by Central Maine Healthcare (CMHC). The center broke away from CMHC in 2017 to form a separate NGO. The center planned to combine with Cancer Community Center, a 19-year-old South Portland nonprofit, after the separation.

Alicia Hatten’s sister, Mary, left the center, but she and her husband, Patrick, are still active and run the annual Dempsey challenge. Amgen hosts the Dempsey Challenge, an annual run, walk and cycle fundraising event. The money earned there will go to the Dempsey Centers to help them provide free cancer assistance to its clients.

Patrick Dempsey has a married sister.

Alicia and her husband Doug Hatten are currently enjoying a happy married life. It’s possible that the pair has been married for a long time. Alicia Hatten’s husband joins her and Mary on fishing expeditions. However, there is still a lot of mystery about her children. Alicia Dempsey, Patrick Dempsey’s elder sibling, is a private person, unlike the well-known actor.

Despite her brother’s celebrity, Alicia likes to keep her personal life private. She and her husband could be having a wonderful time. Only time will tell if we learn more about Alicia Hatten.

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