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Tupac wanted to start a family before he died, but might he have had a secret daughter?

Tupac wanted to start a family before he died, but might he have had a secret daughter?

Tupac Shakur, better known by his stage name Tupac Amaru Shakur, is a legendary rapper best known for his contributions to American gangster rap in the 1990s.

Despite the fact that he died young at the age of 25, his musical prowess earned him worldwide fame and acclaim, with over 75 million records sold. And its popularity has only grown with the passage of time.

While his professional and personal successes are as clear as they can be, his personal life is not, with allegations that persons are his offspring cropping up now and then.

Is Tupac a father or a mother?

There are no confirmed reports that Tupac had children in the public domain. However, documents show that he desired to start a family of his own, particularly when he was married to Keisha Morris.

Tupac and Morris admitted that after marrying on April 29, 1995, at Clinton Correctional Facility, they planned to start a family after moving to Arizona. They even chose names for their children: Star for a daughter and Michelangelo for a son.

Morris subsequently told Source Magazine, “I liked Star but not Michelangelo.” Tupac’s positive turn, including thoughts on marriage and children, had surprised his publicist and close friend Karen Lee, she added. She noted, “She had never heard him talk about marriage or children.”

Tupac’s smoking habits eventually harmed their relationship, despite the fact that they had evident chemistry. As a result, the court declared their marriage null and void as soon as Tupac was released from prison.

Following that, the ‘Hit ‘Em Up’ rapper began dating Kidada Jones, actress Rashida Jones’ sister. Their blossoming romance, unfortunately, was cut short when the legendary singer died on September 13, 1996.

He was shot four times in the chest, arm, and thigh near a Las Vegas crossroads. He died six days later as a result of his injuries.

There was no news of him having a child till his death. However, rumors that he had a secret daughter named Jaycee Shakur, appear to have changed over time.

A troll claims to be Tupac’s daughter on TikTok.

After a TikTok user under the moniker Boogie Bentley uploaded a video on July 19, 2021, suspicions about Tupac having a secret daughter grew.

The TikTok lip-synced Drake’s song “Know Yourself” while adding a text overlay that said, “I am Tupac’s daughter!!!” in the 12-second video.

People wondered if she was the rapper’s hidden child as soon as the video became viral on the internet. One commenter remarked on the video, “Tupac does have a daughter, but I’m not sure whether it’s her.”

Another person added their two cents, pointing out the resemblance between the late rapper and his alleged daughter. “I did some research on the internet. She is Tupac’s child. She has a similar appearance to him.”

While some people believe she is Tupac’s daughter, others strongly disagree. “Tupac didn’t have any children,” a TikToker, for example, said.

Without a question, the content producer succeeded in igniting a debate about her supposed status as Tupac’s daughter. Her Instagram bio, which goes by the handle @boog 18, even says “Tupac’s daughter.”

The assertions, however, have yet to be validated. All speculations and claims should be considered with a grain of salt till then.