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Trippie Redd’s Tattoos and Musical Insights Go Hand in Hand

Trippie Redd’s Tattoos and Musical Insights Go Hand in Hand

Trippie Redd is a Mumble rapper notable for songs including ‘Love Scar,’ ‘Dark Night Dummo,’ and ‘Topanga,’ which helped him break into Billboard’s Hot 100 Charts.

Redd began rapping at a young age, and after the untimely death of his beloved sibling, he intended to establish a name for himself in the music industry.

Redd’s career is currently on the upswing. The rapper, on the other hand, hasn’t forgotten his roots, as evidenced by his tattoos, which tell his tale.

Trippie Redd’s Tattoos: What Do They Mean?

In an interview with GQ in 2019, the rapper described the reason behind his tattoos.

Redd was asked to tell the audience about his first tattoo and when he acquired it in the first question.

Redd responded by pointing his finger to the center of his forehead, where the number 14 engraved in red was clearly visible.

Redd described the meaning of the tattoo and the reason he chose that particular number to put on his body.

According to Redd, he received the tattoo when he was “fifteen-sixteen,” and the number is a tribute to the street where he grew up.

The now-famous rapper was a member of a group called Fourteen Hundred when he was a teenager. The number has been with him for a long time, and he sees it “wherever I go.”

He also described the number 14 as an “angelic number” for him.

The number 8 is engraved in black in the middle of Redd’s nose, which is quite unusual. When asked about the meaning of his nose tattoo, the rapper said it was a tribute to his gang, Shore Block 800.

For the same reason, the rapper has the numbers ‘1400/800’ tattooed on his neck.

Numerous designs of the numbers 14 and 8 may be seen on his left hand.

Redd revealed an intriguing detail about a particular design of the number 14 on his left hand.

A female gender sign is painted in red on his left hand, and the number 14 is drawn inside the symbol. When asked about the tattoo’s inspiration, Redd explained that he wanted it to represent the number of girls he’s dated so far.

TR 666 Designs and Love Scar were inspired by each other.

Redd afterward exhibited his knife tattoo, barbed wire tattoo, and love scar tattoo on his right index finger, below his right eye, and on the top of his left cheek, respectively, during the talk.

When asked about his love scar tattoo design, which features a scar between the words love and scar, an emotional Redd said that it was a homage to his late brother, who died in a vehicle accident when he was ten years old.

According to Redd, his late brother’s face had scars, and Redd’s design is based on those scars. On his right cheek, he sports an Oops Revenge tattoo. According to Redd, his life is a form of vengeance for his brother Oops.

The initials TR and the number 666 are painted on his eyelids. The interviewer for the show asked a quick question regarding the designs.

Redd responded by claiming that the designs were inspired by the tattoos of his idol, Lil Wayne. The words ‘Fear’ and ‘God’ are inscribed on Wayne’s eyelids.

Redd talked about the tattoos on his hands and face, but he didn’t say if he had tattoos on other parts of his body.