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Traci Braxton’s Family Returns With More Drama & Birthday Parties

Traci Braxton’s Family Returns With More Drama & Birthday Parties

Traci Braxton is the famed Braxton family’s third oldest sibling. Traci, her brothers, and her family have gotten a lot of attention since the first season of Braxton Family Values debuted in 2011. The reality TV family understands how to celebrate family members’ birthdays, in addition to packing the show with ordinary family drama.

With the revival of the show, the Braxtons’ extravagant celebrations—which allow everyone to see their ages—will once again be broadcast on television.

Traci Braxton and her siblings had a superhero-themed birthday party.

There are six siblings in the Braxton family.

Traci, who is currently 49 years old, is the third oldest of the group.

Toni Braxton, the eldest of the Braxton siblings, is a Grammy Award-winning artist. Michael Braxton, like his brothers, sung in church choruses. He is now 52 years old. Towanda, a talented R&B singer, is 47 years old. Tamar, the eldest sibling, is now 43 years old.

Regardless of their age, the Braxton siblings now celebrate their birthdays with vigor. Traci, for example, celebrated her 47th birthday with a surprise party.

On her birthday, she even tweeted a beautiful snapshot of herself and expressed gratitude for everything in her life.

Trina, Traci’s younger sister, was also given a private superhero-themed birthday celebration when she turned 40.

To commemorate the occasion, the Braxton sisters donned superhero costumes.

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Michael Braxton Sr. and Evelyn Braxton, Traci’s parents, are divorced.

Evelyn, Traci’s mother, moved to Maryland from Columbia, South Carolina, when she was a teenager. There she met her future husband, Michael Braxton, a Methodist pastor who worked at Baltimore Gas & Electric.

Evelyn and Michael married early, at the age of seventeen, and stayed together for the rest of their lives. They gave birth to their children and saw them grow up to become well-known celebrities. However, in the year 2000, the couple divorced. Michael remarried after that, while Evelyn preferred to remain single.

Traci Braxton’s mother, Evelyn Braxton, is a ‘MomMoms’ to a Dozen Grandchildren.

For The Seventh Season, The Braxton Family Values Has Returned

Despite low ratings and viewership compared to previous seasons, the Braxton family values show returned to its latest season on November 5, 2020. The focus of the show was once again on the ongoing family drama.

Traci disclosed insights about the Braxtons’ personal lives in an exclusive interview with DJRichieSkye in 2020. In season three of the show, she discussed trouble at her sister Trina’s wedding. She even offered her thoughts on owning who she is both inside and outside the family.

The Braxton Family Values, which has been on the air since 2011, has a devoted fan base ready to follow the Braxtons’ life. Don’t forget to watch season 7 if you’re one of them!