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Theresa Caputo’s Medium Life – Spirit Channeling During a Pandemic

Theresa Caputo’s Medium Life – Spirit Channeling During a Pandemic

The famed spirit channel, Theresa Caputo, was born on June 10, 1966, in Hicksville, Long Island. Since 2011, she has hosted her own TLC reality show, Long Island Medium. She debuted her new season on Discovery+ after the shutdown, in which she performs virtual readings on people.

First Steps

TLC’s website claims that since the age of four, she has been able to see, feel, and sense spirits.

The spirit medium revealed on Bethenny in 2014 that her upbringing led her to believe that everything that happened around her was normal.

Caputo also admitted that by her late twenties, she had developed the ability to speak with ghosts.

Her mother referred Caputo to Pat Longo, a spiritual healer, and instructor after she struggled with serious anxiety issues despite therapy.

Longo told her that her diabolic worry was caused by her spiritual energy being suppressed after just one session.

Longo not only identified the issue, but he also taught Caputo how to channel spirits through chakras and get them to communicate with words.

Caputo had to study for five years before she was ready to accept her gift.

With Her Gift, She Helps Others

The TV actress realized she had a gift and began utilizing it to help grieving individuals cope with the loss of a loved one after understanding she had one.

On February 11, 2021, a psychic on LIM says that the loss of a loved one always leaves the living with a sense of burden and remorse.

In several cases, she has had her clients cry during her reading. The psychic is always concerned with assisting her clients in overcoming their guilt and recovering their health.

Her Professional Background

The psychic confessed on her website that she began her job with nothing more than a business card and word-of-mouth.

Caputo’s fourth novel, ‘Good Mourning,’ was released after a 3-year break.

She also launched her show Long Island Medium on Discovery+ in the aftermath of the outbreak. On The Kelly Clarkson Show, the spirit medium said that she began by giving phone readings before progressing to zoom readings.

Moving her readings online, according to the medium, is a fantastic chance. She is ecstatic to have the opportunity to communicate with folks from all over the world.

Caputo’s podcast, Hey Spirit with Theresa Caputo, will debut on October 1, 2020, in addition to her books and events.

Theresa and Larry Caputo’s Divorce: Why Did They Split Up?

In 2017, the 54-year-old made waves when she announced her divorce from Larry Caputo, her 28-year husband.

Larry Junior, 30 years old, and Victoria, 26, were the couple’s two lovely children. Since 1989, the couple had been wed.

Theresa filed for divorce from Larry on December 1, 2017, according to Radar Online. Radar received a joint statement from the two after they split up.

Because the couple’s marital difficulties had been prominent in prior episodes, many viewers of Long Island Medium expected their split.

Both of them were showing signals of separation in a few of her episodes that aired in November of 2017.

Theresa revealed to her friends how her relationship with Larry had changed since the previous season on her November 13, 2017, episode.

She conveyed her sadness at how far the two of them had drifted apart and how difficult it was to reconcile their differences.

Theresa was moved to tears at one of her readings on November 27, 2017, after being overcome by her relationship problems.

In an exclusive interview with Radar in January 2018, the medium’s husband admitted that the show had a significant role in their divorce.

Larry admitted that, while being in the spotlight 24 hours a day may seem enticing at first, it eventually wears you down.

Time restrictions were another factor that led to their split. Larry clarified the situation:

The host of the Tamron Hall Show inquired if she was still hurting over her divorce three years later during an appearance on the show. The psychic stated that she had been married to her spouse since she was 17 and that they still love and respect each other despite their divorce.

Theresa also revealed that she had been dating a new man in the same episode.

Daughter Has a Marriage Proposal

Victoria, 26, is engaged to her best friend Michael Mastrandrea, according to her Instagram. They plan to marry in May 2021.

Following a proposal on February 17, 2019, Victoria and Michael were engaged on May 27, 2019.

The couple shared some cute photos from a recent photo shoot in a post she published on June 6, 2020. This celebrity daughter wedding has all the makings of a memorable occasion. Victoria is wearing a black and beige patterned knee-length dress with black boots in the photos. Michael, her soon-to-be husband, is standing behind her, dressed in a dark blue tee, dark blue pants, and white sneakers.

The pair made headlines in February when they purchased their first home together, and it appears that they have already started planning their wedding.

The Wealth of Theresa

Theresa’s net worth was estimated to be about $3 million in June 2018, according to Radar.

TLC pays the Psychic about $25,000 every episode, according to Nicki Swift’s study, and with over 100 episodes, her net worth is estimated to be over $2.5 million from the show alone.

Theresa’s net worth could be more than the estimated sum when her personal reading charges, book royalties, property, and podcasts are factored in.