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The exuberant funeral of GG Allin perfectly captured how the guy had lived his entire life.

The exuberant funeral of GG Allin perfectly captured how the guy had lived his entire life.

The life of punk rocker GG Allin was nothing short of a rollercoaster. People both adored and despised the man. Allin has engaged in all of these activities, including drug use and feces-throwing at the audience, while performing live.

Even in death, the rock star had a bizarre open cascade funeral with an unwashed body and revelers. Some even referred to it as unsettling.

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The Final Show by GG Allin

No one has forgotten the punk icon’s final performance despite it being more than 25 years since his passing.

On June 27, 1993, Allin performed his final performance at a little club called The Gas Station in New York. A power outage during the performance of his second song prompted him to make an unorthodox move. He began to vandalize the club and even enlisted the support of the crowd.

There was more to it. Along with a sizable audience, he crossed Manhattan Street while completely naked after exiting the club. The punk musician afterwards wore shorts, yet he continued to perform a street act while covered in his own blood and pee.

Allin and his friends arrived at an apartment later and partied there while consuming copious amounts of beer and narcotics, particularly heroin. Sadly, the singer overdosed on heroin and spent the entire night unconscious.

On June 28, 1993, early in the morning, he passed away. Allin had already stopped breathing, but his friends were still in the dark. Later, when someone saw that he was unresponsive, they dialed 911. Sadly, it was too late; he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Funeral that is Unique

On July 3, 1993, the late rock star’s open-casket funeral was held at St. Rose Cemetery, and his friends and acquaintances were present.

The five-day-old body of Allin was clad in his recognizable jockstrap and black leather jacket. The 36-year-brother old’s was given explicit orders not to wash his face and body because they were covered with his own blood and feces following his most recent theatrical performance.

There is more if you still think that’s strange.

On the punk rocker’s ears, Allin’s brother placed a set of headphones connected to a portable cassette player.

After that, his pals buried him with a Jim Beam bottle.

His buddies spontaneously started a celebration despite the foul odor from the bloated, decomposing corpse and horrible circumstance. In addition, individuals photographed his lifeless corpse while injecting him with alcohol and drugs. His pals praised the hardcore punk singer’s legacy rather than being saddened by his passing. GG Allin’s Tomb (From Wikipedia)

Fans continued his legacy by engaging in immoral behavior.

In punk music, Allin was a one-of-a-kind showman. Throughout his entire life, he had a divergent personality, and some of his theatrical performances were simply unfathomable. As he believed in some sort of afterlife, which was one of the reasons he attracted so many fans in the first place, he even made a suicide promise during one of his live concerts.

In memory of the late rock hero, followers would frequently urinate, feces, and pour beverages all over his grave for years following his passing. They did this to protect his legacy, or perhaps we should say tit-for-tat.

The brutal treatment of the deceased soul, however, was too much for his mother to bear, therefore his tombstone was removed in an effort to stop the practice.