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The Cast of “Homestead RescueSalary “‘s and Production Value

The Cast of “Homestead RescueSalary “‘s and Production Value

Homestead Rescue, a reality program on the Discovery Channel that features off-grid homeowners who teach viewers how to survive in the woods, may not immediately appear to have much production value.

However, while being a drama about making do with little, the series, which stars the Raney family—father Marty Raney, daughter Misty Raney, and son Matt Raney—has a much bigger budget and a large crew.

The Raney family may make a solid living off-screen despite their unwillingness to display their wealth in front of the camera, according to the scale of the program.

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It Has a High Production Value: “Homestead Rescue”

According to the show’s premise, the Raney family goes from location to location teaching individuals the outdoor survival skills they need to survive in the wild. At least, that’s how it appears on television.

What isn’t displayed, though, is how much support they get in the background.

At the end of the day, these are reality shows with large investments from numerous parties. In this instance, the program is being produced by Raw Television and All3Media.

Homestead Rescue has had a long number of staff members since it began airing in 2016. According to the database, the series has had five directors up to this point.

From 2016 to 2017, four of them each directed two episodes, while Mike Griffiths, the fifth, has since directed an undetermined number of episodes.

The cast list reveals that there are more producers than one can reasonably recall. The show’s editing, casting, and music departments are similar in this regard.

A staggering amount of resources were used to produce the series, as evidenced by the involvement of individuals from the camera and electrical department, sound department, location management team, and an additional crew composed of loggers, a coordinator for the prevention of child labor on the set, a set medic, an armorer, and a clearance manager.

At least 20 people were at Wren and Ini’s little farmstead when the incident occurred, according to the couple who previously appeared on the show. They also disclosed the existence of a worker whose sole responsibility was to clean the filming cameras.

In the program, The Raney Family Receives Additional Support

Even though the Raney family handles the majority of their constructing and problem-solving tasks themselves, they receive a lot of support from outside sources.

The family formerly obtained assistance from Scout Construction LLC, a Mansfield, Ohio-based construction firm. They were brought in to assist with tasks like digging and cobbing during an episode that was being filmed in Morrow County.

Wren and Ini also acknowledged that the Raney family had received some help in building their cabin from a Missouri log building company.

The couple specifically mentioned Cooper Well Drilling and Warren’s Mill, two other businesses that helped build the site.

What Does the Raney Family Make in Salary?

Since it is well known that the program Homestead Rescue has substantial funding and resources, one could be interested in learning how much the Raney family earns on the program.

However, neither Discovery nor the Raney family members connected to the program have yet made their compensation public.

On a cable reality program, the “A” players—the main characters—are paid between $30k and $10m per season, according to a Business Insider report from June 2016. The family falls under this group.

Similarly, Misty is said to have a $300,000 net worth, according to celebrity facts.