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The Alleged Homosexuality of Hezekiah Walker Led to a Bitter Divorce with His Wife

The Alleged Homosexuality of Hezekiah Walker Led to a Bitter Divorce with His Wife

Hezekiah Walker, a 58-year-old gospel singer from the United States, has inspired individuals from all walks of life.

He is the visionary creator and senior pastor of Brooklyn’s Love Fellowship Tabernacle Churches and Bensalem’s Love Fellowship Tabernacle Churches. People go to his ministries to hear him speak about God because of his motivating demeanor.

His unwavering devotion to the Lord and unwavering drive to lead people along the path of righteousness have made him one of our time’s most revered pastors, but the tide has turned with many rumors regarding his homosexuality!

The Call of God’s Word in the Early Years

Hezekiah found his passion in music after growing up in a family where faith came first. He joined a choir when he was eight years old, and by the age of fourteen, he was creating songs.

He founded the ‘Love Fellowship Crusade Choir,’ his first gospel choir, while still in his twenties. Many prominent hip-hop artists attend the ministry of this gospel music pioneer, also known as the hip-hop pastor.

With 14 albums under his belt, his song “Every Praise” from the album Azuca was named Billboard Magazine’s “Gospel Song of the Decade” and was certified Platinum by the RIAA.

The song was an ode to an abducted little child who sang it nonstop for three hours while crammed into the back seat of a car, eventually leading to his release.

Walker’s life was turned upside down when his wife Monique Williams left him at the height of his soulful career.

Pastor’s Wife Ends Their Relationship Due to His Homosexuality

In 1992, Hezekiah married Monique. Monique was a natural singer who sang in the church choir even as a child. She joined ‘The Soul Stirrers Crusade choir’ in the early 1980s, where she met her future spouse.

Monique, who has a gorgeous daughter named Kyasia Monet, is also featured in the theater play Coriolanus starring Morgan Freeman and Carl Lumby.

Her musical abilities wowed audiences once she joined the Love Fellowship Crusade Choir, and she has been credited with helping the group win Grammy and Stellar Awards.

After publicly stating that her spouse had afflicted her with a sexually transmitted disease, Monique chose to end her relationship with Hezekiah. The pastor’s parish was taken aback by this news.

He has long condemned homosexuality, but rumors say he eventually admitted to having a boyfriend and evicted Monique and his daughter from their house.

He Defended Himself Against Homosexuality Rumors

Hezekiah came out to say that all the accusations about him being homosexual were incorrect when he divorced his wife.

In February 2006, the gospel music musician issued an official statement with the help of his management, stating, “It’s all falsehoods.”

“It’s entirely incorrect and not even remotely truthful,” the statement continued.

Hezekiah had also published a personal statement in addition to the declaration, in which he said, “The adversary’s goal is to steal, murder, and destroy. One of the oldest weapons is character assassination.”

Many periodicals and outlets that have questioned his sexuality apologized for their inaccurate reporting after he published the declaration.

On Mother’s Day, his daughter sends greetings to his ex-wife.

Despite the squabble between Hezekiah and his ex-wife Monique, Kyasia Monet Walker, the former couple’s daughter, has maintained a positive relationship with both of her parents.

Kyasia wished Monique Mother’s Day on May 9, 2021, on Facebook, expressing her love for her mother.

The daughter captioned a couple of photos with her mother, referring to her as her “best friend.”

“Thank you for being such a wonderful mother and friend to me. There’s nothing I can’t ask you for in this world, “she penned

“You’ll bend over backward to acquire it, no matter how minor, just to see me pleased. To the moon and back, I admire and love you. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!”

Despite the bitterness of the divorce, the music continues to play.

Defamation charges were leveled against this internationally known gospel singer, despite the fact that the details of their tumultuous divorce remain foggy.

Even when he tried to plead not guilty on his social media platforms, where he has a large fan base, the accusations continued. Aside from his evangelism, Hezekiah is known for his charitable endeavors.

Hezekiah provided food for 1,000 households on Thanksgiving Day last year. It’s a three-hour activity he says he’d like to do as often as feasible. At George Floyd’s private memorial, he gave a moving performance of his song Every Praise.

He continues to sing the praises of God despite a painful divorce based on homosexuality. His daughter is getting married in the new year, and he can’t stop talking about it. This clergyman is always willing to provide a hand, even if it means playing Godfather to some children.

The award-winning Hip-Hop pastor is no stranger to celebrity. His music has decorated the Billboard Charts for weeks, thanks to a radio show, podcasts, choirs, and churches. His Grammy prizes are on display for all to see, but his personal life has been affected, and mending may take some time.