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Tabatha Coffey’s Relationship & Bond; The Real Reason She Won’t Marry Her Girlfriend

Tabatha Coffey’s Relationship & Bond; The Real Reason She Won’t Marry Her Girlfriend

Tabatha Coffey, an Australian hairstylist, has never shied away from her sexuality or the fact that she has been in a long-term relationship with her girlfriend. But, even after 20 years of romance, what’s keeping her from marrying her girlfriend?

Tabatha Coffey is best known for her appearances on Shear Genius and her own talk program, Tabatha Takes Over. She’s also a feminist and a motivational speaker. Her TED Talks video, in which she discussed how to be a successful businesswoman, has received over a million views on YouTube.

In TEDx Talks, Tabatha Coffey discusses the importance of being true to oneself and owning everything about oneself that has helped her become a successful person in life. (This article was originally published on November 22, 2017)

In 2011, Tabatha formed a connection with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which raises funds for pediatric cancer research.

Tabatha Coffey Adopts a Positive Attitude in Her Hair Salon Business

Tabatha Coffey was born on May 17, 1969, into a family of hairstylists, including her mother (who died of cancer in 2011) and brother. She began her job as an assistant at a neighborhood store at the age of 14 because she inherited the hairstyling gene from her family.

Tabatha enrolled in a four-year apprenticeship program to learn more about hairstyling, which led to her three-year training in London. Her skills prompted her to tour nations 6-12 times a year conducting hair displays after starting her own salon, Industrie Hair Gurus in Ridgewood.

Tabatha first gained international attention in 2007 when she appeared on the reality television show Shear Genius, where she was recognized for her harsh and direct approach to the other contestants. This led to her own show, Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, where she used her business knowledge to help salons on the verge of closing.

In 2018, the 49-year-old hairstylist appears in Bravo’s Relative Success with Tabatha, which follows in the footsteps of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover. Tabatha has amassed a sizable wealth as a result of her successful career and her business, with a net worth of $6 million.

Tabatha Coffey’s Salon Business Growth Advice

Tabatha offered some wonderful suggestions to help individuals to start investing in their salon to smooth cash flow and increase their business when it comes to the dying business of many hair salons, which happens for a variety of reasons.

She suggested that the first option be to replace or purchase additional seats, shampoo buckets, and other appropriate items. This was done to ensure that the brand and the surroundings were in sync. She went on to say that bad equipment hampered a positive customer experience.

Another recommendation given by the hairstylist was to optimize the booking strategy and the requirement for a website in every establishment. This helps to distinguish oneself from the competition and highlights the stylist’s abilities, as well as their ability to persuade clients to book services.

Offering extra products and services is one approach to help the salon develop, and Tabatha explained that individuals needed to learn how to invest in new products that would bring favorable attention to the brand and, in turn, bring in more income for the salon.

Tabatha’s final piece of advice was to hire more stylists and talents since clients want their salon to run properly. And it’s because of this that Tabatha has one of the most successful salons in the country.

Girlfriend Tabatha Coffey’s Long-Term Relationship

Tabatha has a very dependable companion at her side who supports her through pretty much everything from behind the scenes, as a lady who has never hidden her sexuality and defines herself as openly lesbian.

For the past 20 years, she has been in a long-term relationship with her unknown girlfriend. That’s stunning; it’s clear that Tabatha and her girlfriend are head over heels in love.

Is She Ever Going To Marry Her Long-Term Partner?

While Tabatha hasn’t revealed the identity of her girlfriend, she has a lot of positive things to say about her same-sex relationship, even admitting that she is already married to her partner in her heart.

Will you please have some popcorn with all the cheese? Oh, and don’t get too worked up about it; she and her girlfriend aren’t married. Tabatha believes that marriage is a major deal, regardless of whether it is same-sex or straight, thus she isn’t planning on introducing her wife anytime soon.

Well, it doesn’t matter; the two had already exchanged heartfelt vows. But, given that Tabatha and her mystery wife have been together for 20 years, let’s hope she feels safe revealing her wife to the world if she does decide to marry her.