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Robert Ri’chard Net Worth – Income And Earnings From His Career As An Actor

Robert Ri’chard Net Worth – Income And Earnings From His Career As An Actor

Robert Ri’chard is an American actor best known for his roles on One on One and Cousin Skeeter as Arnaz Ballard and Bob Walker, respectively. Ri’chard, who was born in Los Angeles, made history as an actor and amassed a sizable fortune.

In addition, the House of Wax star has over 60 acting credits and a few producing credits. As a result, we attempted to dissect Robert Ri’chard’s net worth and earnings. So, let’s get started. If you want to see his healing business with his lover, Meg Ellspermann, don’t leave.

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Robert Ri’chard’s Earnings & Net Worth

It’s difficult to make a name for oneself in the entertainment industry in today’s competitive environment. Robert Ri’chard’s net worth has risen to a stunning $400 thousand since going into Hollywood in 1993.

Ri’chard has appeared in 62 films and television programs, including those still in post-production. He earns endorsements and sponsorships in addition to his great acting wage. So, let’s take a look at Robert’s earnings.

Profits from Films

As previously reported, Robert Ri’chard has a net worth of $400,000. His early career as an actor is likely to have provided him with the most of his earnings.

Ri’chard has at least 60 acting credits on his IMDb page, including Coach Carter, House of Wax, One on One, and Cousin Skeeter. Lucifer, Hungry, CSI: NY, The Client List, The Vampire Diaries, Meet the Browns, Veronica Mars, NCIS, and other shows featured him.

Other significant appearances by Ri’chard include Light it Up, In His Father’s Shoes, Nash Bridges, Crisis Center, and others. As a result, his acting profession must have brought him a lot of money and a lot of love from his followers.

In addition, according to, an actor’s average annual salary is $57,937. Because pay is based on both experience and education, Robert Richard’s salary must have risen in tandem with his increasing experience over time.

The following is a list of Robert Ri’chard’s box office gross.

Film Name Box Office Collection
The Man in 3B $292.2K
Chocolate City $212.2K
The Comebacks $13.3 million
Coach Carter $67.3 million
House of Wax $32 million
Light It Up $5.9 million

Ri’chard tried his hand at producing films in addition to acting. In the early 2010s, he worked as an executive producer and producer on The Prospects and Otto.

Endorsements and other business ventures

Robert Ri’chard’s fortune is assisted by brand sponsorships in addition to his earnings as an actor and producer. He could have high-paying sponsors thanks to his 276K Instagram followers, which helps increase zeros in his bank account.

Similarly, Robert has worked as a model for a few well-known fashion houses and has launched his own business.

With Dr. Amr El-Sergany, Robert Ri’chard founded HighwayFit, which offers fast, low-intensity workouts for all levels of fitness. Furthermore, the program is centered on everyone’s satisfaction and strongly thinks that living a healthy lifestyle will improve how people feel.

He is also available to appear as a guest star at events. Ri’chard, on the other hand, offers business advice. Furthermore, according to his website, he is an experienced professional that can assist and support successful company objectives.

His Girlfriend’s Company has endorsed him.

As previously stated, Robert Ri’chard did not co-found Highwayfit with Dr. Amr El-Sergany. He also assists his business partner, Meg Ellspermann, with her EPM endeavor.

The company sells biblical oils that include healing compounds that help to avoid injury, improve performance, and manage discomfort, among other things. Ri’chard frequently promotes the products on Instagram. He is also keen to share the product with the world in order to improve it, with promising captions.

Robert Ri’chard makes a lot of posts on his business partner’s endeavor. Robert’s Instagram is the source of this image.

As a result, Robert Ri’chard might as well profit handsomely from his partner’s company’s advertisement on Instagram.

Regrettably, he is somewhat guarded about his location. As a result, we have no idea where Ri’chard’s home is, but he appears to be living comfortably with his partner.

Robert Ri’chard’s net worth has grown dramatically as a result of his work as an actor, business advisor, and entertainer, and is expected to quadruple in the near future. As a result, let’s hope we hear from them again in the future days.

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