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Robbie Wolfe’s Wife and Family Are Revealed on American Pickers! His age, family, and net worth are all mentioned in his bio.

Robbie Wolfe’s Wife and Family Are Revealed on American Pickers! His age, family, and net worth are all mentioned in his bio.

Robbie Wolfe, an American television reality star, and his family only became well-known after being featured in the film American Pickers. Robbie Wolfe, the brother of a prominent TV actor, Mike Wolfe, and his family were thrust into the spotlight after multiple appearances on the show.

The Illinois native is one of the most well-known co-stars of American Pickers, a show about picking up antiques on the cheap and selling them for a profit. He and his brother Mike Wolfe, as well as co-stars Frank Fritz, Danielle Colby, and Danny Koker, have helped to make the show a fan favorite.

Danielle Colby and Robbie Wolfe, co-stars on American Pickers in 2014, put their picking skills on display for the show Antique’s Hunt (Published on Sep 5, 2014)

Robbie is the founder of RJ Wolfe and Sons, a landscaping company that specializes in backyard transformations, in addition to appearing on the show.

Mother, Brother, Wife, Daughters, and Sons of Robbie Wolfe

When it comes to his personal life, Robbie is a married guy who is married to Melanie Wolfie. The pair are said to have three gorgeous daughters and three sons, with whom the family patriarch enjoys spending his free time.

On his social media sites, he frequently displays his positive relationship with his family. Sunny’s 15th birthday was on January 12, 2017, and he wished her a happy birthday in an Instagram post with the remark ” “Sugar, have a wonderful birthday. My little girl, you’ll always be mine.”

Similarly, on Valentine’s Day 2018, he shared an Instagram photo of his wife and three daughters, along with a message wishing his four lovely ladies a happy day.

Rita Wolfe, Robbie’s mother, is another person with whom he enjoys spending time. On September 16, 2013, he shared an Instagram photo of him and his mum enjoying a wet day on a soccer field. Similarly, his relationship with his older brother, Mike, is already visible in the American Pickers series.

Robbie Wolfe’s (Age) Bio: He comes from a family of TV stars.

Robbie was born on April 26, 1960, in Illinois, in the United States’ Midwestern region. Rita Wolfe is his mother, and Mike Wolfe, his older brother, is the creator and star of American Pickers. Beth Wolfie is his sister’s name.

The Wolfe brothers’ considerable affection is visible not just in their series, but also in real life and on social media. Furthermore, the brothers take breaks from time to time and are frequently observed taking long trips on highways. Their passion for automobiles and motorcycles can be apparent on both of their social media channels, with both brothers posting photographs of old vehicles.

In a Facebook post on April 26, 2018, his brother Mike wished him a very happy birthday.

Mike Wolfe is a 54-year-old writer. On June 11th, 1964, he was born.

Robbie rose to prominence after starring alongside his brother, Mike, on multiple episodes of the History Channel’s picking reality show American Pickers.

He appears in the episodes on occasion and assists the pickers in restoring ancient autos.

Mike and Frank Fritz, among the expert pickers featured in the series, travel across America in quest of unique antiques and national treasures that they buy from collectors and sell in their antique shops or keep in their own collections.

Aside from his appearances on American Series, he and his wife Melanie own RJ Wolfe and Sons, a landscaping company that was founded in the 1990s.

The company, which is still operational, offers a diverse range of services, including new and old driveway paving, pool installation, deck installation, uplighting installation, and much more.

How Much Money Does Robbie Wolfe Have Compared to Other American Pickers?

Robbie’s net worth is largely generated from his company, RJ Wolfe & Sons, as well as his appearances on American Pickers. The actual amount he receives from the show is unknown, but based on the net worth of his co-stars, Robbie appears to be well compensated. His company, RJ Wolfe & Sons, also contribute to his earnings. Robbie Wolfe’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars.

Mike, Robbie’s co-star, has a net worth of $13 million, which includes the value of his beautiful 51,00 square foot home. Danny Koker, another of his American Pickers co-stars, is the show’s richest star, with an estimated net worth of $23 million. Similarly, co-host Frank Fritz is reported to have a net worth of $5 million, while American Pickers’ lady sensation Danielle Colby is thought to have a net worth of $1.5 million to $2 million.

Robbie Wolfe Facts You Should Know:

You must believe you know everything there is to know about the guy from American Pickers by now. You might be mistaken about that because these facts about him will captivate you:

1. Aside from his celebrity, Robbie is a family man who enjoys spending time with his loved ones.

2. He has been linked with the casting department of American Pickers since early 2010, despite only participating in a few episodes.

3. Wolfe owns his own picking company, R.J. Wolfe & Sons, in Davenport, Iowa, thus American Pickers is not his exclusive source of income.

4. Robbie is frequently mistaken for Robert or simply Rob.

5. In 2016, Rita Wolfe, his mother, was featured in two episodes of American Pickers.