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Renata Ri Apologizes for Sarcastic Interview

Renata Ri Apologizes for Sarcastic Interview

Renata Valliulina, known as Renata Ri on TikTok, just produced an apology video.

Ri explained that she needed to prepare a video in English to avoid confusion.

The model read from her translated notes so she “wouldn’t say or forget anything.”

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Ri’s Apology

Ri acknowledged seeing the viral video and said she “didn’t shout the n-word or disgrace the black people”

Ri previously labeled the English translation of her Russian interview “wrong.”

In her recent clip, she said the viral footage accusing her of racism was “out of context,” not that the translation was erroneous.

Ri remarked towards the end of the video, “Sorry, there’s no excuse.” She clarified that she “was being sarcastic and didn’t aim to harm anyone’s feelings.”

Ri said,

She was bullied as a child in Russia and cited homophobia and racism as reasons she left for the U.S.

Other Renata Ri Scandals

Instagram accounts highlight another scandal from Ri’s Russian interview. In the new footage, Ri speaks controversially.

Ri narrates an occurrence in the viral video with English subtitles. TikTok celebrity said,

The host said, “That’s fat-shaming” after Ri’s words.

Ri is experiencing anger after images of her wearing ethnic outfits appeared online.

Ri wears a customized Chinese outfit in one photo. The photo of her donning a native American headdress outraged many.

Ri discusses her age and cultural appropriation in her apologetic video. She said she was 18 and wondered why people thought she was 23.

She also said she wasn’t “taught cultural appropriation” in Russia.

Ri remarked,

The teenage model was accused of showing her nakedness and taunting Vinnie Hacker.