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Rachel Khoo never discussed having a second child.

Rachel Khoo never discussed having a second child.

TV chef Rachel Khoo enjoys sharing recipes, culinary advice, her programs, and butter. She is very reserved about her personal life, despite being quite open about her professional ambitions and kitchen hijinks.

In 2015, Khoo wed Robert Wiktorin, a Swedish guy, and settled in Stockholm. Although Khoo and her husband are the parents of two kids, they have kept their family life so private that even lifelong followers of the culinary celebrity have occasionally been observed wondering, “Does Rachel Khoo have a baby?”

Rachel Khoo Kept Her Pregnancy a Secret from Inquisitive Eyes

In 2016, the married couple gave birth to a boy as their first child. Through her website, Khoo disclosed her pregnancy and was open about why she had kept it a secret from the public.

Khoo also stated that she wanted to save the happy news for her close friends and family until she was prepared to share it with a larger group of people. She continued by saying that it was good to just take at the moment rather than needing to post it online constantly.

Protective of Her Children Is Rachel Khoo

Khoo didn’t talk about her pregnancy until after giving delivery. Even more of a secret was the chef’s second pregnancy, which she kept completely under wraps.

Her second child’s age at the time of her interview with The Huffington Post in September 2020 was confirmed to be eighteen months old, making her second child’s birthday in early 2019.

The Little Paris Kitchen star has not yet disclosed anything regarding the gender of her second child. On broadcast or in her social media posts, she seldom ever mentions any of her children.

Robert Wiktorin and Rachel Khoo

Before falling in love, Khoo and Wiktorin originally met at a party. He has given her a lot of encouragement. In addition to the cleaner air, the TV chef discussed the benefits of residing in Stockholm with Dailymail.

Khoo affectionately referred to her husband as a vivid yellow pot and added that she loved cooking with him when she announced her marriage through Khoollect. When announcing her first pregnancy, she used the same allusion.

The Culinary Journey of Rachel Khoo

From a young age, Khoo had a penchant for food.

She regards her mother as her cuisine hero for consistently preparing delicious dinners on a tight budget. As she grew older, she relocated to Paris to follow her passion for cooking and received training at Le Cordon Bleu.

With the launch of The Little Paris Kitchen: Cooking with Rachel Khoo in 2012, Khoo created her own eatery and started her career as a TV chef.

She has been in other food series since then, and in 2021 she joined the panel of judges for The Great British Menu