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Plastic Surgery, Photoshop, and Evolution in Dove Cameron

Plastic Surgery, Photoshop, and Evolution in Dove Cameron

Dove Cameron is best known for her role as Liv in the Disney Channel teen comedy Liv and Maddie.

Cameron, like most child stars, moved on from Disney and went on to work on other films, cementing her place in Hollywood. She has established herself as a talented and versatile actor, most recently providing the voice of Bubbles in the CW’s live-action revival of The Powerpuff Girls.

Cameron has matured much since her Disney days, but many fans believe that the actor’s physical alterations were caused not only by puberty but also by plastic surgery. Fans who googled “Dove Cameron before and after plastic surgery,” say she looks completely different.

Her purported plastic surgery has long piqued the public’s interest. Her entire face structure appears to be changed, according to fans and media sites.

The actress has never confirmed that she had surgery, although she looks drastically different in her old and new photos.

Dove Cameron’s Plastic Surgery Allegations

Cameron featured in the film A Secret Garden in 2008.

Cameron had a prominent hump down the bridge of her nose and narrower lips when she was 12 years old, according to photos from the time. But she looked noticeably different when she landed her big break on Liv and Maddie in 2013.

Fans claimed that she had injected fillers into her lips since they were larger. The hump on her nose had also vanished, and her nose bridge was perfectly flat, indicating that she had undergone rhinoplasty.

Her well-known dimples are said to have been obtained through surgery as well. Despite the fact that the actress has never spoken about it, media outlets and blogs continue to suggest that she has used fillers in the past.

The actress still uses lip injections, according to The Sun, but she has toned them down to make them less obvious.

The Eating Disorder of Dove Cameron

While the rest of the world was enthralled by the actress’s transformation, she was facing her own struggles.

Cameron spoke on the challenges she had as a child star and the weight of the responsibility of being a role model in an interview with StyleCaster in 2018. She stated that she misinterpreted what it meant to be an inspiration as a young, naive adolescent.

Because she believed she needed to be thin to be liked and valued, she developed an eating issue.

She quickly understood, however, that she was not alone in her fight. Her inner circle was hurting as well, but they were also attending interviews and offering health advice, which she knew was incorrect. She then made the decision to seek therapy and alter her behavior.

She stated that she is healthier these days and that she is keener on displaying her flaws.