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Piper Rockelle Is Fulfilling Her Father’s Dream – Learn More About Her Parents

Piper Rockelle Is Fulfilling Her Father’s Dream – Learn More About Her Parents

Piper Rockelle is an aspiring actress, singer, and dancer who wears many hats. She has acquired a large fanbase and reached the pinnacle of popularity as a social media celebrity at the tender age of thirteen.

Her accomplishments, understandably, have piqued people’s interest in learning more about her background, family, objectives, and sources of inspiration.

In February 2019, the internet sensation held an Instagram Q&A to answer as many of her fans’ questions as possible. She later made a YouTube video with the answers to those queries.

Rockelle mentioned in the video that her father inspired her to pursue a career as a singer. She added that her father’s greatest ambition was to be a singer or musician, but since he was unable to achieve this, she has been pursuing his goal. She also mentioned that she was having a great time singing and that he would enjoy what she was doing.

In the same video, Rockelle answered the most frequently requested question from fans: “What happened to your father?”

She began by stating that it was a lengthy narrative. She went on to say that when her mother, Tiffany Rockelle, was pregnant, her father was adamant about not having a child at the time.

As a result, he wanted to get rid of her even before she was born. Her mother, on the other hand, did not abort her and gave birth to her on her own.

Rockelle has no idea where her father is or what he’s up to these days. She is, however, proud of the fact that she is helping to realize her father’s ambition.

Not to mention, her mother was the one who raised her to be one of the most talented social media stars in the world.

Tiffany, in addition to being a mother, also serves as Rockelle’s manager, overseeing her employment, social media accounts, and balancing the social media personality’s business and personal life, particularly her education.

The mother-daughter duo’s strong bond can be seen in Rockelle’s Instagram posts and YouTube videos. One time, the teen sensation used Instagram to write a lovely message to her mother, writing, “You are the caring to my teddy and the Winnie to my Pooh.”

Furthermore, the YouTube sensation is frequently seen on social media alongside her older brother Hunter Hill, who works as a director, editor, and cinematographer.