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Paul Konrad’s wife has always backed him up in his successful career.

Paul Konrad’s wife has always backed him up in his successful career.

Paul Konrad, a nine-time Emmy Award-winning television weather anchor, lives happily with his family of seven, which includes his wife, four children, and his mother. The proud father, who by chance became a weather forecaster, doesn’t miss an opportunity to brag about his lovely family on social media.

His Instagram feed is overflowing with photos of his wife and children. He seemed to have it all, from a successful career to a lovely family to return home to.

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Konrad is fortunate to have a wife that understands him.

On social media, the creative reporter has been candid about his views toward his family, particularly his wife, Kirsten.

On May 13, 2019, he shared a photo of himself with a letter of gratitude for his wife. All of his children’s faces are blurred owing to movement in the photo, except Kirsten’s, which is a still shot with all of his children’s faces blurred due to movement. He acknowledged his gratitude for Kirsten’s role as a good mother and wife in his caption. Along with his gratitude, he joked that she was the only one who could sit still long enough for the picture to not be blurred.

On his Facebook page, Paul Konrad expresses his gratitude to his wife. (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

While working for WGN-TV, the pair met for the first time.

Konrad claimed in an interview that Kirsten understood the nuances of his position because she was a former WGN-TV producer. He also stated that his wife has taught him to be more mindful of the producers and their plight.

The fact that they both work in the same field could be their secret to having a happy family and a great profession.

By chance, he became a weather forecaster.

Chicago’s favorite weatherman got his position as a weatherman by chance, as some could say. When his friend, who happened to be a weather forecaster at the time, asked him about joining the weather forecast department, he took the position.

Paul began his career as a photographer and reporter for the news. He left the job since it was causing him problems. His employment frequently required him to travel to areas where catastrophes had occurred, which was not his cup of tea.

When discussing his difficulties, Konrad is quick to point out how poor he was when he first started weather forecasting. In his early days, the ‘Emmy Award recipient admits that he was frequently short of breath and came dangerously close to fainting out.

The weatherman has gone a long way since he was a Rookie to where he is now, both professionally and personally.

He is a role model for many people and the proud host of the Friday Forecaster section on WGN Morning News, where he shows elementary school-aged youngsters forecasting the weather live every Friday.