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Only 6 months into their relationship, Steve-girlfriend O’s made him eat his own skin.

Only 6 months into their relationship, Steve-girlfriend O’s made him eat his own skin.

Lux Wright, Steve-girlfriend, O is the ideal partner. Without a doubt!

Steve-O is the gold standard of sometimes bizarre, always amusing pranks in the entertainment industry. For crying out loud, the guy had his own brand of spicy sauce injected into his anal cavity! Furthermore, his girlfriend was the one who injected the sauce. That’s how well they complement one other.

So you can bet your bottom dollar that when Wright proposed that the Jackass star eat his own skin from a toilet, he swallowed it whole!

Steve-O set fire to his house so that his girlfriend could redecorate.

The couple went on to highlight some of the weirdest things about their relationship in a video posted on Steve-Instagram O’s on February 27, 2021. The keyword here is “some.” Anyway, back to the main point.

The couple started the list by setting fire to their living room so that Wright could completely redesign it from the ground up.

Fire is a major concern in the Hollywood Hills, especially if it is someone’s home that is on fire. But, since Steve-O was dead set on burning down the place, Wright made sure he got to do it.

She took care of all the documentation he needed to set fire to the house. She even closed the doors and curtains when the home was ablaze and the smoke was pouring out everywhere so the guys could keep recording.

She added on the video, “I didn’t want the neighbors to panic out.”

Steve-girlfriend O’s suggested that he eat the toilet bowl skin.

After voluntarily setting a house on fire, Steve-O was understandably covered in burns and blisters. As a result, he ruptured the blisters and flushed the scorched flesh.

Wright then recommended that since he was on antibiotics, there was no harm in him picking up his skin from the toilet and eating it.

Steve-O, being the caring lover that he is, chose to follow his girlfriend’s advice and did exactly what she said.

He scooped up the skin from the toilet bowl and swallowed it whole after gagging on it for a couple of seconds.

Steve-O has always had a supportive girlfriend.

With the wounds he received from burning down the house, Steve-O went on to do his gigs in Denver and ended up in the burn unit.

Wright was immediately beside him on the bed when he awoke from the surgery. She had traveled all the way from Los Angeles to support her boyfriend. It may be difficult to comprehend, but Steve-O and Wright had only been dating for around six months at the time.

Wright has accompanied this daredevil on some of his most daring acts, including riding a bicycle while under general anesthesia and injecting spicy sauce into his anal cavity. They pee together, too!

You’re probably aware of the wild things they did six months into their relationship. As of this writing, they had been together for nearly five years. We can only conclude that they are a match made in heaven.

And to those of you who are wondering, “Is Steve-O married?” the answer is no.

In 2018, the couple got engaged. He and his future bride had even planned a wedding but had to postpone the event.