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Omar Gosh

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Full Name: Omar Gosh
Gender: Male
Profession: You Tuber
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Who’d have guessed that touring haunted houses and uploading movies to YouTube would pique people’s interest?

However, Omar Gosh has demonstrated through his YouTube channel that such content is a one-of-a-kind notion on the site.

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Real Name (Wikipedia)

Omar Gosh was born in central Florida, near Tampa, on March 14, 1982. He’s a well-known internet personality with two YouTube channels, one with over 3.83 million subscribers and the other with 996 thousand. OmarGoshTV and The Omar Gosh Vlogs are the names of the channels.

We believe his real name is Omar Gosh, as his channels and social media accounts are both named Omar Gosh.


He began his career as a hairdresser before venturing into the media world with his YouTube channel, ‘OmarGoshTV,’ which he launched on November 28, 2011. The channel features adventures in haunted locales across the United States, as well as spooky history and folklore. Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Eastern State Penitentiary, Queen Mary Spook, Hill Biltmore, and Real Monster Living In My Pool are just a few of his well-known videos.

On June 19th, 2013, he launched his second channel, ‘The Omar Gosh Vlogs.’ Random home videos are published to the platform on a daily basis. Secretly Filming Dog & Cat Shelter, Embarrassing My Son At School, and Finding Money In Car Wash Vacuums are among his most popular vlog videos.

Estimated Net Worth

It appears to be awkward to make money simply by engaging an audience with intriguing videos. However, for content provider OmarGoshTV, the idea of generating such videos pays both money and popularity.

Omar has been able to live his life without having to worry about money because to two of his successful YouTube channels. His station OmarGoshTV is expected to pay him between $178.8K and $2.9M per year. In addition, the vlog channel contributes to his revenue, with estimated yearly values ranging from $4K to $63.6K.

As a result, Omar’s net worth is certain to be in the millions.

Information about the family

Omar, the social media sensation, comes from a tiny but close-knit family with origins in Florida.

There is a younger sister and a younger brother in the family. Shadia is his brother’s wife, and the couple married in August of 2018. His sister is married as well, and her husband works as a security bouncer.

To this day, all of the siblings have a particular bond with their mother. And their social media posts make it quite clear.

Are you married or divorced?

Omar and his wife Melissa divorced in 2018 due to tragic circumstances.

On the 6th of April in 2003, he and Melissa married. Their wedding date and how they met are unknown, however they are parents to three children, Max, 19, Ethan, 18, and Melia, 17.

In April 2017, the estranged couple celebrated their 14th anniversary for the last time. Later that month, OmarGoshTV announced on Twitter that he and his wife, Melissa, were divorcing. Despite their divorce, they hold no animosity against each other. Both were involved in the divorce and offered each other the best of success in their future pursuits.

In terms of their children, all three appear to have matured nicely. Max and Ethan, the couple’s sons, are 18 and 17 years old, respectively, and Melia, the couple’s daughter, is 16 years old. They frequently appear in Omar’s YouTube videos.


Omar moved on from his painful divorce and found new love. Tiphanie, his new lover, was presented to the public via Instagram.

Although the actual date of their love’s start is unknown, they began revealing their intimacy on Instagram in January 2019.

The couple dated for a while before getting engaged in May of this year.

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