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Miranda Lambert’s Husband Had a Lot to Do With Controlling Her Weight Gain

Miranda Lambert’s Husband Had a Lot to Do With Controlling Her Weight Gain

Miranda Lambert had dating problems. She had a high-profile romance with Blake Shelton.

After five years together, they married in May 2011. The couple divorced in July 2015.

After her divorce, Lambert dated Anderson East. Post-breakup, she dated Evan Felker. Neither fling lasted long.

Lambert’s weight fluctuated like her relationships. Her weight fluctuated throughout her life. She didn’t even like herself.

With time, she found personal stability.

Weight Gain for Miranda Lambert

In early 2010, Lambert lost 20 pounds. Her unexpected weight loss led many people to think she had surgery.

In a November 2013 interview with People, the 37-year-old debunked the claims, saying she gained weight the healthy way.

She also ate well and worked with Bill Crutchfield. Cardio, circuit training, body weight, and resistance band routines.

In April 2020, she told Health magazine about her weight loss struggle. She’s prone to weight gain and doesn’t exercise or diet.

Lambert said she occasionally overate and gained weight. She started pilates and working out as soon as she noticed her weight gain.

The ‘Mama’s Borken Heart’ singer discussed body positivity. She initially didn’t like her weight. She shared a moment that impacted her forever.

A fan of her age and size approached her and said she threw away her scale because of Lambert.

Lambert knew she should rock whatever size she was after hearing the confession. She understood confidence and self-acceptance.

Miranda Lambert’s husband keeps her slim

Lambert told Health magazine that Brendan McLoughlin helped her lose weight.

The country singer said he’d run with her and work out. He reminded Lambert to sweat and exercise. She loathed them now, but she’d be grateful for them afterward.

Lambert’s fitness-obsessed hubby has influenced her positively. He’s helped her lose weight and stabilized her personal life.

After 2.5 months together, they married in January 2019. They kept their marriage secret until Valentine’s Day that year.

“I found love. We married! “Singer introduced her NYPD officer hubby on Instagram.