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Meet Wilfred Tennant – Photos Of Georgia Moffett’s Son With Husband David Tennant

Meet Wilfred Tennant – Photos Of Georgia Moffett’s Son With Husband David Tennant

Wilfred Tennant, Georgia Moffett’s son, was born on May 2, 2013. Georgia has three children: Ty Tennant, Olive Tennant, and Doris Tennant, in addition to Wilfred. Wilfred’s entire family works in the entertainment industry. In addition, his parents, David Tennant and Georgia Tennant, met while filming the Doctor Who television series.

Ty Tennant, Wilfred Tennant’s younger brother, began his acting career in the television series Casualty. The brothers’ duo, on the other hand, have a strong bond, and despite being from a well-known family, little is known about him other than what his mother shares on her Instagram page. Let’s learn a little more about Wilfred.

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Georgia is a lovely mother.

Georgia Moffett, Wilfred Tennant’s mother, keeps her admirers up to date on her five children. Georgia has put her acting career on hold to raise her children. She last starred in the film You, Me, and Him, and she hasn’t acted in any other films or television shows since then.

Georgia Moffett and David Tennant enjoy taking their children on vacations. Pinterest is the source of this image.

Georgia also frequently posts photos of her children and spouse, often depicting amusing family situations. Despite this, the stunning actress never fails to share photographs of her children’s birthday cakes on social media. During the holidays, Wilfred was also seen spending time with his sisters Olive and Doris.

Wilfred also enjoys dressing up as a tiger, and his mother has published photos of him and his sisters strolling together.

Wilfred and his sisters can also be seen spending time with their parents at beaches and parks, sharing cotton candy and having a good time. The Tennant family, on the other hand, has lately welcomed Lyra as a new member. Wilfred’s youngest sister, Lyra, was born on September 23, 2019.

A Proud Father’s Son

David Tennant, Wilfred Tennant’s father, is a well-known actor. He is most recognized for his part in the television series Doctor Who. Despite his hectic schedule, he frequently takes time away from acting to assist his wife in raising their children.

Wilfred and David Tennant have a wonderful father-son relationship. Pinterest is the source of this image.

Furthermore, David spends the most of his leisure time with his family, as seen by his frequent sightings with his wife and three young children. David’s wife shared a photo of their new baby Lyra stepping out of the hospital, and it was simply too cute.

David, on the other hand, has been very busy filming his next movies and television shows, and he claims that he has not spent much time with his family. David also mentioned that his wife Georgia is doing a fantastic job raising their four children.

Wilfred Tennant is a name with a meaning.

Wilfred Tennant, Georgia Moffett’s son, is named after Germanic roots that signify “will” and “peace.”

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