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Meet Vivienne Margaret MacArthur – Photos Of Ali Larter’s Daughter With Husband Hayes MacArthur

Meet Vivienne Margaret MacArthur – Photos Of Ali Larter’s Daughter With Husband Hayes MacArthur

Alison Elizabeth Larter, a former model turned actress, has been married to her better-half/husband Hayes MacArthur since August 1, 2009. The couple is enjoying a happy life with their two adorably gorgeous children, thanks to a memorable wedding and a flood of well wishes.

Theodore Hayes MacArthur, their oldest child, was born on December 20, 2010, and Vivienne Margaret MacArthur was born on January 15, 2015. Both of Ali Larter’s children have acquired her excellent looks and Hayes’ charm in terms of appearance. Although both of her children are gorgeous and cute, we will focus on the youngest member of the MacArthur family today.

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The Most Inexperienced

Being the family’s youngest member has a significant advantage: you are always mom and dad’s favorite. Everyone adores you, and the majority of your errors are overlooked. Vivienne Margaret MacArthur, Ali Larter’s daughter, is in a similar situation; she is the youngest of two children, and everyone adores her. She is her father’s princess and her mother’s angel.

Vivienne cherishes every minute with her mum. Zimbo is the source of this image.

Vivienne can often be spotted with her father watching football games, surfing, hiking, and skiing during her childhood. Hayes, her father, is a laid-back guy who enjoys taking his kids on adventures. Her father holds her in his arms and gives her a hearty hug while they are at home. The father-daughter combo is unable to separate themselves from one another.

Apart from that, we’ve already stated that she is her mother Ali’s little angel when it comes to their connection. Cooking and doing girly things, notably shopping, are two of their favorite pastimes. We don’t need to explain how much Ali Larter’s children mean to her because mothers are the ones who love their children the most.

A Contented Family

Ali and Hayes have demonstrated that hard work and persistence can lead to a successful profession as well as a happy family after nearly a decade and two children. The four-person family is living comfortably, filling their pockets with all the joy they can find. It’s a blessing to grow up in a family with such wonderful parents, and we know Ali Larter’s daughter and son will be grateful that they grew up in such a lovely home.

Ali and Hayes have two children together. Ali’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Moving on, we’ve previously established that Ali and Hayes treat their daughter as a princess and will go to any length to ensure her happiness. However, this can backfire in other cases, such as when Hayes disguised himself as Santa Claus to make his daughter happy, but it didn’t go as planned. Instead, his daughter sobbed the moment he took her into his arms.

Seeing her father dressed as Santa Claus no longer makes Vivienne cry. Hayze’s Instagram is the source of this image.

In addition, Vivienne enjoys listening to her father play the guitar. Despite being angry with him, she cries a lot whenever she misses her father, and the only place she can find calm is in his arms.

Meaning of the name Vivienne Margaret MacArthur

Vivienne Margaret MacArthur’s first name means “living” in French. Margaret is her middle name, which is taken from French, Latin, and Greek and means Pearl.

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