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Meet Taimi Li – Photos Of Jet Li’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Qiuyan Huang

Meet Taimi Li – Photos Of Jet Li’s Daughter With Ex-Wife Qiuyan Huang

Jet Li’s daughter Taimi Li was born to his ex-wife, former Chinese actress Qiuyan Huang. In 1987, Taimi Li’s parents, Jet and Qiuyan, exchanged wedding vows. The former couple, on the other hand, did not have a happy marriage. After resolving their problems, the couple decided to split three years later, in 1990.

Taimi is one of the two daughters born to the ex-couple. Si Li is Taimi’s younger sister. In addition, she has two half-sisters named Jada Li and Jane Li. Nina Li Chi, her father’s current girlfriend, gave birth to Jada and Jane. The couple married in 1999 and have been together ever since.

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Taimi Li lives a life apart from the spotlight of the media.

Celebrity children are extremely fortunate to be in the spotlight. Jet Li’s daughter Taimi Li, on the other hand, is not in the same boat. She is currently living a low-key existence and is virtually unnoticed in the media. Regrettably, no information on her birthdate, relationship, lifestyle, or career can be found on the Internet.

Taimi Li, Jet Li’s daughter, leads a quiet life away from the spotlight. 8 days is the source of this image.

It appears that Jet Li’s daughter, who is a fan favorite, does not desire the same level of attention and celebrity as her father. She seemed to be content with her secluded and low-key lifestyle.

Furthermore, Jet and his ex-wife Huang Qiuyan may have co-parented peacefully. Jet had also avoided bringing up his prior daughters, Taimi and Si, in the public eye.

Jet Li and Qiuyan Huang, Taimi Li’s parents, are both performers who have appeared in the media. Pinterest is the source of this image.

Furthermore, Taimi appears to be a master of secrecy, as she hasn’t divulged anything about herself in the public.

Taimi Li is Jet Li’s daughter’s name.

Taimi is a Finnish female given name that means “sapling or young tree.”

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