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Meet Sullivan Marsters – Photos Of James Marsters’ Son With Ex-Wife Liane Davidson

Meet Sullivan Marsters – Photos Of James Marsters’ Son With Ex-Wife Liane Davidson

The son of James Marsters Sullivan Marsters was born in Los Angeles, California on May 10th, 1996. Sullivan was paired with James’ ex-wife, Liane Davidson. The wedding of Sullivan’s parents, James and Liane, took place in 1989. Unfortunately, after 8 years of marriage, the former couple split in 1997.

As of 2019, Sullivan is his parents’ lone child and has no siblings. James, Sullivan’s father, is married to Jasmin Marsters. Let’s take a look at Sullivan Marsters, the son of actor James Marsters.

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Sullivan Marsters Is A Multitalented Singer, Songwriter, And Guitarist From Los Angeles.

From Los Angeles to the Bay Area, Sullivan Marsters is a versatile artist. He is a member of Ghost of the Robot, Radiohelmet, and Power Animal, and is a skilled singer and guitarist. Music writing, performance, recording, and production are some of his passions. Sullivan also composes his own music.

Sullivan Marsters (one in checked shirt) is a member of the band Ghost Of The Robot and is the son of James Marsters. IMDB is the source of this image.

Aside from being a member of his band, Sullivan also has his own YouTube channel with the same name. He writes blogs about his life and releases songs that he wrote himself.

In addition, Sullivan has a Twitter account. Looking at his Twitter account, it’s clear that the artist enjoys life to the fullest, enjoying holidays to beautiful destinations.

He now lives in Berkeley, California, and one of his most recent singles is named 4th of July.

Sullivan is the only child of James Marsters, a well-known actor.

Sullivan is the only kid and son of Angel star James Marsters, as previously stated. The father and son are seen doing numerous live acts and concerts together. The duo has also collaborated on a number of tracks and videos, including Vandals.

Sullivan Marsters is the sole child of James Marsters, a well-known actor. Pinterest is the source of this image.

Sullivan and his father appear to have a very close relationship. And when they’re together, we can see how happy they are.

Sullivan Marsters is a name with a meaning.

Sullivan is an Irish male given name that means “black-eyed one.”

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