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Meet Sativa Zee – Photos of Rah Digga’s Daughter With Ex-Husband Young Zee

Meet Sativa Zee – Photos of Rah Digga’s Daughter With Ex-Husband Young Zee

Sativa Zee, the daughter of American rapper and actress Rah Digga, was born in 1997 as the family’s youngest daughter. Sativa, 21, is the younger half-sister of Krash Battle, a well-known rapper who was born in September 1992.

Rah Digga, a member of the Flipmode Squad, is the proud mother of Sativa Zee and the ex-wife of rapper Young Zee. Rah Digga and Young Zee, the joyful parents, began dating in 1992. The erstwhile lovebirds, on the other hand, have broken up and are no longer together.

Rah Digga’s Rap Career and Motherhood

Rah Digga, 43, is one of hip hop’s most talented female MCS and one of rap’s most recognized female MCs. Digga has sold over 1 million records globally over the course of her career, and Sativa was an inspiration and motivator for her to keep going. As a single mother, Rah Digga had to deal with the stress of caring for and securing the future of her daughter. Mother Digga’s initial concern was balancing her time as a mother and developing a rap career. Digga was pushed to great heights by the same pressure that propelled her to where she is now.

Emceeing, according to the rapper Digga, also played a role in her parenting approach. The same concern and dedication that Rah Digga showed to her baby child has continued over to raising young Sativa into a wise young woman.

Young Zee’s and Rah Digga’s only child

Sativa Zee is Rah Digga’s youngest and only kid with her former husband, Young Zee.

Young Zee and Rah Digga, rap sensations, are the proud parents of Sativa Zee, a twenty-one-year-old daughter. Sativa is the younger half-sister of famed rapper Krash Battle, and is the only daughter of the former lovebirds. Krash, Young Zee’s son, has a number of popular songs under his belt, including T-Pain Sprung, Kaiden’s Interlude, A Better Intro, and others.

Sativa Zee is a baby name with a meaning.

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