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Meet Ruby Meyers – Photos Of Richard Hell’s Daughter With Ex-wife Patty Smyth

Meet Ruby Meyers – Photos Of Richard Hell’s Daughter With Ex-wife Patty Smyth

Ruby Meyers or Ruby Hell, Richard Hell’s daughter with his ex-wife, Patty Smyth, was born in 1986. When her parents divorced in 1987, she was only a child. Richard, Ruby’s father, is a singer, composer, and bass guitarist from the United States. Her mother is also a singer-songwriter from the United States.

Ruby’s mother, Patty Smyth, later married her husband, John McEnroe, in 1997. Anna McEnroe and Ava McEnroe, the couple’s two gorgeous kids, were born to the pair. In respect to Ruby, they are half-sisters. So, without further ado, let’s go right into the piece and learn more about Ruby Meyers, Richard Hell’s daughter.

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Ruby Meyers’ life is most likely settled.

Gorgeous Ruby Meyers is a newcomer to the entertainment world. She appears to be leading a quiet life away from the limelight. Not that we know of, but it’s possible that the 34-year-old woman has found a happy place in her life. Perhaps she chose the route of normalcy and independence. She might be content with the way things are going in her life right now.

Ruby Meyers, on the other hand, has a Twitter account and is a frequent user. She frequently tweets and retweets about topics that most likely concern her. Ruby appears to be doing an excellent job of maintaining a low-key existence. Her personal life has been a mystery so far. It’s also perplexing to wonder whether she’s in a committed relationship, married, or still single.

In any case, Ruby Meyers’ parents and close family members are always by her side and are likely thrilled for her. We wish Ruby every happiness and success in her life.

Relationships with Her Relatives

After Ruby Meyers’ parents divorced, Patty Smyth was most likely left with the burden of caring for her daughter. And it’s possible that her mother and stepfather were the ones who helped her have a happy upbringing. She grew closer to her half-sisters as well. Ava and Ruby appear to be very good friends.

Ruby McEnroe was most likely raised by John McEnroe and Patty Smyth. Getty Images provided the image.

Similarly, Ruby would undoubtedly pay many visits to her father, and the father-daughter bonding time would be spent together. Even if she leads an autonomous life, she is likely to have a loving relationship with her parents, siblings, and stepfather.

Overall, Richard Hell’s daughter, Ruby Meyers, appears to be a lovely and lovable young lady with a good bond with her family.

Ruby Meyers – What Does Her Name Mean?

The name ruby comes from the Latin word ruber, which means “red.”

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