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Meet Raul Conde – Photos Of Baby Father Of Erica Mena’s Son King Conde

Meet Raul Conde – Photos Of Baby Father Of Erica Mena’s Son King Conde

Erica Mena’s ex-boyfriend and father of her kid King Conde, Raul Conde, is an American rapper. Raul is a member of the Terror Squad hip hop group. Erica Mena and Raul Conde, stars of Love & Hip Hop, had their baby King on March 1, 2007. The ex-couple, however, had to separate due to their abusive relationship.

Erica Mena, a beautiful model turned actress, gave birth to her son King Conde when she was just nineteen years old. She is a well-known American television personality, although her ex-husband, Raul Conde, is not nearly as well-known. So, let’s learn a little bit more about him.

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The Abusive Relationship Between Raul Conde and Erica Mena

The quarrel video between Raul Conde and Erica Mena is more popular than the artist himself. In 2011, video of Erica viciously beating Raul became viral on the internet. She seemed to direct all of her wrath onto Raul, the father of her child. She spoke up about their public feud with VLAD TV later in 2014. She explained that she wanted to be free of her then-partner Raul Conde’s grip.

Whatever transpired in the past, Raul and Erica are said to be on excellent terms now. For the sake of their son King, they should be. Erica has been spotted spending quality time with her son King on numerous occasions. Since Erica gave birth to her son when she was still a teenager, the mother-son duo looks and acts more like friends.

Apart from that, we can only assume King Conde, Erica Mena’s kid, has a close relationship with his father. We can guess that the father-son duo enjoys undertaking a variety of activities together. They might enjoy one other’s company as well, but we can’t say for sure whether the father-son combination has a good relationship or not.

Raul Conde’s Secret Life

Raul, Erica’s son’s father, lives a very private existence. We presume he is leading a social life away from the media and cameras because he is not very active on social media. Maybe, like his ex-girlfriend Erica, he’s busy scribbling down sentences about his life. Erica is the author of Underneath It All, an autobiography.

Since his breakup with previous partner Erica, Raul Conde has not been linked to any other woman. In Erica’s case, it’s not the same. Safaree Samuels, her fiancé, and she exchanged vows. In addition, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter, on February 2, 2020.

Erica and her husband recently welcomed their first child. Popular Superstars is the source of this image.

We wonder if Raul Conde has found the love of his life now that he is no longer in the spotlight, or if he is still looking. We hope whatever he finds treats her well, not as Erica was handled.

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