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Meet Pasionaye Nguyen – Facts About Tyga’s Mother and Their Relationship with Photos

Meet Pasionaye Nguyen – Facts About Tyga’s Mother and Their Relationship with Photos

To say the least, American rapper Tyga has had a successful career. He has had multiple hit albums and singles over the years, and with his relationship with reality star Kylie Jenner, he has gained superstardom and is one of America’s most well-known rappers. But it’s reasonable to say that none of his accomplishments would have been possible without the support of his mother, Pasionaye Nguyen.

Tyga’s mother is Pasionaye Nguyen, who is of Afro-Asian descent. Tyga is the sole son of 47-year-old Pasionaye, and his mother did everything she could to raise her son and make sure he had everything he needed after Tyga’s father, Michael Stevenson, abandoned her after she became pregnant. She made Tyga one of the most popular rappers of all time on her alone.

Here, we’ll go over some information about Tyga’s mother, Pasionaye Nguyen:

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1) Pasionaye’s Family, Father, and Mother

Nguyen, a passionate person, was born in 1971. Her mother, Kim Nguyen, was a pure Vietnamese, and she is of Afro-Asian origin. Despite her Vietnamese origins, she is an American citizen. She also has a sister named Cece Nguyen, but little is known about her at this time.

In terms of Pasionaye’s childhood, it is thought that she grew up in poverty and worked really hard to provide for his son Tyga. Tyga said in an interview that his family used to live in a low-income neighborhood in Compton. However, in a leaked video from 2012, Tya was heard boasting that they lived in a wealthy household and that his mother even had a Range Rover.

2) Information about Pasionaye’s Partner

Tyga’s mother is Pasionaye, but his father is Michael Stevenson. Passionate and Michael were in a relationship, however, it is unknown whether they married or not. Michael has had a difficult childhood and has been on the receiving end of law enforcement multiple times. He abandoned Pasionaye while she was pregnant with Tyga.

Tyga has publicly ignored Michael Stevenson as his father, claiming that 2 Pac was more of a father figure to him. It is unknown whether Pasionaye dated anybody else after her divorce from Michael.

3) Tyga’s Mother-Daughter Relationship

Tyga has a close relationship with his mother and attributes his achievements to her. Passionate has also been quite supportive of his career. On an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, she sang Tyga’s Rack City with conviction. Tyga also gave his mother a luxurious Range Rover worth $41 million.

Passionate has also spoken out about Tyga’s relationship. She didn’t like his first girlfriend, Blac Chyna, but she liked his second girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. Both she and her mother, Kim, were huge Kylie fans.

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