Home Gossip Meet Milo Hamish Ferguson – Photos Of Craig Ferguson’s Son With Ex-wife Sascha Ferguson

Meet Milo Hamish Ferguson – Photos Of Craig Ferguson’s Son With Ex-wife Sascha Ferguson

Meet Milo Hamish Ferguson – Photos Of Craig Ferguson’s Son With Ex-wife Sascha Ferguson

Craig Ferguson, the famous former host of The Late Late Show, was married to Sascha Ferguson, a former actress, for six years before they divorced in 2004. Milo Hamish Ferguson, their son, was born to them during their years together.

Craig Ferguson has a son, who was born in the year 2001. Milo was three years old when his parents divorced, and he has been living with his mother, Sascha, ever since. Milo also has a half-brother, Liam James Ferguson, who is the result of his father Craig’s third marriage to Megan Wallace Cunningham.

Milo Hamish Ferguson, Craig Ferguson’s son, is the subject of this article.

An artist who works with his hands

Milo Hamish Ferguson, 19, is a Visual Arts student at the elite SVA (School Of Visual Arts) in New York. Milo can be said to have received his creative abilities from his parents, Craig and Sascha Ferguson. Milo’s mother, Sascha, posted a lovely photo to Instagram, declaring her kid to be her favorite artist of all time.

Milo has had an artistic side since he was a child. Instagram account of Sascha Fergurson.

Milo distributes his artworks on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter because he is a visual arts student. Apart from his artistic endeavors, Milo does not appear to enjoy exposing his personal life, as his Instagram account is private.

Craig Ferguson’s son has shown an interest in fine arts at an early age, and he is currently studying it. We can only wish him the best as he pursues his aspirations with vigour.

Father who is always there for you

Craig Ferguson, Milo Hamish Ferguson’s father, is a Scottish-American television personality, actor, comedian, and author. He is best known for anchoring the late-night talk show “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” from 2005 to 2014. Craig Ferguson and his second wife, Sascha Ferguson, had a son named Milo Hamish Ferguson. However, after six years of marriage, they divorced. Milo is still Craig’s firstborn and a special place in his heart.

Craig Ferguson is a strong supporter of his son and appears to adore Milo. We hope they are close and spend meaningful time with one another.

His Inspiration

Sascha Ferguson, Milo Hamish Ferguson’s mother, is a former actress best remembered for her role in The Big Tease. She hasn’t appeared on the big screen or at any social functions since her divorce from Craig Ferguson. Sascha was the proprietor of a spy school and the CEO of other academies that taught pilates, dancing, and other disciplines during those years of secrecy, which she still maintains. Milo also seemed to have flourished under his mother’s tutelage.

Sascha Ferguson and Milo Hamish Ferguson, a wonderful mother-son pair. Sascha’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Milo appears to be quite attached to his mother and has a special bond with her. We only wish them happiness and prosperity because the mother-son duo is inseparable.

Milo Hamish Ferguson, Craig Ferguson’s kid, has a unique name.

Milo is a German name that means “soldier” or “merciful.” The middle name Hamish, which means Supplanter in Scottish, is of Scottish origin.

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