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Meet Lilly Margaret Brant – Photos of Stephanie Seymour’s Daughter With Husband Peter M. Brant

Meet Lilly Margaret Brant – Photos of Stephanie Seymour’s Daughter With Husband Peter M. Brant

Stephanie Seymore’s daughter, Lilly Brant, is an American actress and supermodel. She was born in 2004 as the family’s third child. Lilly Brant, the eldest daughter, is the younger sister of two attractive boys, Peter Brant Jr. and Harry Brant.

Stephanie and Peter, the ex-couple, married in an auspicious ceremony in Paris in July 1995. However, the lovebirds’ marriage has not always been without its bumps. After 15 years of marriage, Mother Seymour filed for divorce in March 2009. By 2010, however, Seymore and Brant had put off their divorce.

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Lilly Brant, Stephanie Seymore’s mini-me

Lilly Brant, the family’s youngest child and only daughter, is the younger sister of former supermodel Stephanie Seymore. The baby girl has inherited her lovely mother’s looks, and many people have noticed the remarkable resemblance between the mother and daughter combo. The 14-year-old daughter has a strong interest in fashion and hopes to work in the sector in the future.

Lily Margaret Bran is the cute 14-year-old younger sister of modeling brothers Harry Brant and Peter Brant Jr.

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Stephanie, a former Victoria’s Secret model, enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and has a strong and intimate relationship with him. The mother-daughter duo was spotted wandering with her daughter while on vacation. The family’s pleasant trip went off without a hitch, and the wonderful family got some much-needed quality time with their loved ones. Aside from that, the family has a good bond and spends a lot of time together on vacation.

Brant-Seymour Family’s Youngest Child

Stephanie and her husband, Peter Brant, have an adorable daughter named Lilly, who is their youngest kid. Lily, the family’s lovely daughter, is the younger sister of two stunning model boys, Harry and Peter. Harry and Peter, the older brothers, have already made a name for themselves in the media and entertainment world, where they are thriving. Furthermore, the Brant Siblings are now fashion moguls with a MAC cosmetics relationship.

On January 17, 2021, Lilly’s brother, Harry Brant, died of an overdose of prescription pills. He died when he was 24 years old. Lilly’s family issued a statement to the public, sharing the tragic news. They hailed their son’s accomplishments and lamented the fact that his life had been cut short due to a fatal condition.

Lily Margaret Brant is a baby girl’s name with a meaning.

The lovely name Lilly is a one-of-a-kind name for a baby girl. The feminine name “louloudi” is derived from the magnificent flower Lily and is derived directly from the Greek word “louloudi.” The name “Lilly” comes in a variety of forms, and its meanings include “purity,” “passion,” and “rebirth.” Apart from that, the name could be a contraction of Lillian, Liliana, or Lilith.

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