Meet Julian Snider – Photos Of Katherine Kelly Lang’s Son With Ex-Husband Skott Snider


Julian Snider was born on October 11, 1992, to Katherine Kelly Lang and her husband. Katherine’s ex-husband, Skott Snider, is the father of his younger brother. He is not interested in acting, despite coming from a family of famous actors. He did, however, star alongside his older brother Jeremy on the TV drama The Bold and the Beautiful.

Unlike his brother, Julian Snider did not continue acting. He is a man who values his privacy, and his social media handles are set to private. Perhaps he dislikes the attention of the media, or perhaps he simply wishes to live a normal and quiet life. Let’s take a look at Julian’s background.

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A Actors’ Family

Julian Snider is the son of an acting family. But, unlike his family, he spends much of his time away from the camera. Katherine Kelly Lang, Julian Snider’s mother, is an American actress who has appeared in films and television shows such as The Young and the Restless, Happy Days, Desperate Lives, and others.

In addition, Jeremy Snider, his older brother, is an actor who has appeared in films such as The Bay, Touch of an Angel, and The Bold and the Beautiful. Furthermore, with the exception of Julian’s half-sister Zoe Katrina D’Andrea, Julian’s whole family is involved in the entertainment industry. His father was a cameraman, director, and producer. His grandmother Judy Lang was a well-known actress, but his grandfather Keith Wegman, on the other side, was an Olympic long-jump skier.

The Bond between Siblings

Julian Snider, Katherine Kelly Lang’s son, has a half-sister and an older brother on his mother’s side. We don’t have access to Julian’s Instagram account, but we can see his photos on his mother’s. He is frequently seen offering love and affection during family gatherings.

Furthermore, we can deduce from his photos with his adorable sister and adorable niece Zuma that the brother-sister combination has a wonderful relationship. He was also seen assisting his sister in every way he could throughout Zoe’s delivery. Regardless, his photos with Zuma are adorable.

Julian Snider – What Does Julian Snider’s Name Mean?

Julian Snider, the son of Katherine Kelly Lang, is a Latin name that means “young.”

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