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Meet Jace Vahn Evans – Photos Of Jenelle Eason’s Son With Baby Father Andrew Lewis

Meet Jace Vahn Evans – Photos Of Jenelle Eason’s Son With Baby Father Andrew Lewis

Jenelle Eason’s son, Jace Vahn Evans, was born on August 2, 2009, to her baby father, Andrew Lewis. Jace has two half-siblings, a half-brother named Kaiser Orion Griffith and a half-sister named Ensley Jolie Eason, as he is Jenelle’s firstborn.

Most people are familiar with Jace’s mother because she is a TV celebrity who starred in the popular American series “Teen Mom.” On the other hand, Jace’s father, Andrew, is a regular person who is the father of Jenelle’s child.

Jenelle Eason Got A Surprise Message From Jace’s Father

Andrew Lewis, Jenelle Eason’s baby father, sought visitation with his kid after a 9-year absence. Jenelle was surprised to get a surprise from her prior boyfriend, whom she hadn’t seen in nearly a decade. Andrew and Kristen, the MTV producer, were in constant contact. As a result, Lewis invited her to meet Jace, Jenelle, and her mother, Barbara Evans. Jenelle Eason is Kristen’s best friend, and she told her everything about Andrew Lewis.

Jenelle Eason, Andrew Lewis’s baby mama, received an unexpected gift. PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE, P

When Kristen inquired about Jace’s fascination with his father, Eason said,

Jenelle said, “I’ve been wondering if Andrew would visit him on a regular basis or not.”

Because Jenelle Eason’s kid, Jace, is so close to his mother and half-siblings, it may be difficult for him to form a bond with his father. Furthermore, Jace appears to be his mother’s son and may not want to be separated from her.

Jace Vahn adores his grandmother Barbara Evans and mother Jenelle. Yahoo is the source of the images.

Jace Eason, Jenelle’s son, has an unbreakable bond with his half-siblings.

Jenelle has a plethora of images of her gorgeous children on her Instagram account. It is undeniably clear that Jace adores Kaiser and Ensley. Furthermore, he appears to enjoy playing and having fun with his half-siblings.

We also worry how Jace Vahn Evans would respond when he meets his father for the first time.

Jace Vahn Evans – What Does His Name Mean?

A person who fixes things and makes people feel better is referred to as Jace. Similarly, the word Vahn comes from the English language and means “God is Merciful.”