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Meet Gio Grace Levine – Photos of Adam Levine’s Daughter with Wife Behati Prinsloo

Meet Gio Grace Levine – Photos of Adam Levine’s Daughter with Wife Behati Prinsloo

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and his wife Behati Prinsloo have had their second child, Gio Grace Levine. Adam Levine’s adorable baby girl was born on February 15, 2018, one day after Valentine’s Day. Perhaps Adam Levine’s gift from his wife Behati arrived a day late.

Dusty Rose Levine, Adam Levine’s older daughter, is equally adorable. Adam and his wife Behati appeared to be overjoyed at the prospect of having a second daughter. Who knows if the couple intends to have another child.

Adam Levine’s Elder Daughter Is Crazy About His Younger Daughter

When Adam appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, he talked about how his daughter Dusty Rose is obsessed with Gio, her younger sister. He went on to say that when Dusty wakes up in the morning, the first thing she does is go inside Gio’s room and continuously shout out her name. Isn’t that a heartfelt moment?

Gio Grace Levine and her older sister Dusty Rose Levine are Adam Levine’s adorable daughters. Behati Prinsloo’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Adam acknowledges that his daughter Dusty can be tough with Gio, despite the fact that Dusty is still a small child. Also, Adam Levine’s wife, Behati, is in the same boat. She is similarly enamored of her husband, but in a positive way. Behati shared the first photo of Adam Levine’s baby daughter on Instagram. Adam had his child in his arms, and we could see the father-daughter trio gracefully staring into one other’s eyes.

Gio Grace Levine, Adam Levine’s daughter. Behati Prinsloo’s Instagram is the source of this image.

It wasn’t the first time Adam Levine’s youngest daughter had been photographed. Behati had shared a photo of Gio Grace Levine when she was a baby, but it only showed her foot. Gio, according to the caption, has toes like her father, Adam.

Keeping Gio Out of the Spotlight

Adam Levine’s youngest daughter is so adorable that he has decided to hide her for a bit. Adam and his wife are want to keep both of their girls out of the spotlight. In an interview with Ellen, Adam stated unequivocally that he wants a band of his children and that he will leave the timing of their next child to his wife Behati.

Adam Levine’s younger daughter, Gio Grace Levine. Spot/Backgrid is the source of this image.

Gio Grace Levine is a name with a meaning.

The name ‘Gio’ comes from the Italian word “Giovanni.” The Italian cognate of John is Giovanni, which means “God is generous.” And, as we all know, the word “grace” has many other connotations, including “beauty,” “dignity,” “ease,” and so on. As a result, Adam is likely hoping for the god to be graciously kind to his daughter Gio Grace Levine.

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