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Meet All Of U2’s The Edge’s Children And See What They Are Doing Now

Meet All Of U2’s The Edge’s Children And See What They Are Doing Now

David Howell Evans, also known as The Edge or Edge, rose to prominence as the lead guitarist, pianist, and backing vocalist for the rock band U2. The English-born Irish singer has a charitable reputation in addition to his musical profession.

Above all the roles for which The Edge is known, he enjoys being a father the most. Edge had five children with two women, Aislinn O’Sullivan and Morleigh Steinberg, throughout the course of his life. As a result, here’s all you need to know about The Edge’s kids and where they are now.

Aislinn O’Sullivan has three children with her first wife.

On July 12, 1983, U2’s lead guitarist, The Edge, married his high school lover, Aislinn O’Sullivan. Hollie, Arran, and Blue Angel, the former couple’s three gorgeous kids, were born during their seven-year marriage.

David Howell, called The Edge, was only married to Aislinn for seven years before they divorced in 1990. Interestingly, they were not officially divorced at the time due to Irish annulment regulations. As a result, they divorced legally in 1996.

The Edge’s children from his marriage to Aislinn O’Sullivan have now grown up and started their own family. Furthermore, they are highly successful professionals in their respective fields.

Hollie Evans is a married mother of two children.

As previously said, The Edge welcomed three beautiful daughters, the oldest of whom is Aislinn O’Sullivan, Hollie Evans. She was born just a year after they married, in 1984. She must have cherished her younger siblings, Arran and Blue Angel, as the oldest in the family.

Although Hollie Evans, The Edge’s daughter, grew up in seclusion, her wonderful personality could not be kept hidden for long. Previously, the UCD graduate dealt with at-risk children. She recently became a member of the Avasara Foundation’s Project Selection Committee, and she is thrilled to be a part of it.

Hollie is the family’s oldest kid, and the motherly instinct frequently captures the oldest. As a result, she married Jamie Hewitson, her childhood boyfriend, in a romantic ceremony in Tuscany in August 2015.

Hollie Evans, The Edge’s daughter, married her childhood sweetheart in 2015. Hollie’s Instagram is the source of this image.

While walking down the aisle, Jamie and Hollie both appeared bright and cheerful. Arlo Jack Hewitson, the couple’s first child, was born in 2018. The Edge’s daughter is now a stay-at-home parent and has thoroughly embraced motherhood. She appreciates being a mother and raising her child while also remaining active on social media.

Arran Evans is a British actor.

Arran Evans, The Edge’s second daughter from his first marriage to Aislinn, was born in 1985. The couple worked together to raise their daughter to be a wonderful woman, and she is now a successful product designer.

Arran, Edge’s baby child, was born in Dublin and grew up captivated by materials. She progressively acquired a love for design from a young age.

Arran studied product design at Kingston University in London after completing an art foundation course in Paris. She has worked as a designer for independent design studios and renowned corporations like Barber & Osgerby after completing her course.

Arran Frances Evans also enjoys working with different materials and designing around them. She later discovered her calling in handbag design, and in October 2016, she founded her own company.

Arran, The Edge’s daughter, has a happy marriage with her husband, Alex Threadgill, in addition to her business success. The couple is not only married, but they also manage a business together.

Arran Evans, The Edge’s daughter, runs a business with her husband, Alex. Arran’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Arran and her partner have a son, and she spends the majority of her free time with him. She, unlike Hollie, is quite private about her personal life. As a result, we know very little about her. Despite this, Arran Evans, The Edge’s daughter, is a successful entrepreneur and devoted mother.

Evans, Blue Angel

The Edge and his former partner Aislinn took their time welcoming their third child, Blue Angel Evans, after having two back-to-back newborns. She is the family’s youngest child, having been born in 1989. Her parents and siblings must have spoilt her as a result.

She was born with lovely ocean eyes, much like Blue. She grew up as a creative child, just like her older sister, Arran, and eventually pursued a career as a graphic designer.

In addition, Blue earned a Graphic Design degree from the Dublin Institute of Design in 2021. She also has a diploma from the London School of Beauty & Make-Up as a make-up artist/specialist. In 2010, Edge’s daughter studied art and design at Parsons Paris- The New School.

Blue Angel Evans, The Edge’s daughter, had a love for make-up and art as she grew up. Blue Angel’s Instagram is the source of this image.

As a result, Blue used all of the skills she had learned over the course of the year as a freelancer. She worked as a movie and television makeup artist for eight years starting in 2011. Similarly, Blue spent a year working as a production assistant in Ireland.

Aside from his commercial success, Blue Evans has a happy marriage with Fiachra O’Shaughnessy. In 2014, she also became a mommy to a daughter. She frequently updates her Instagram account with pictures of her daughter and discusses her big pregnancy belly.

Blue, Arran, and Hollie, the three siblings, have an extremely tight bond and are constantly involved in one other’s lives. Let’s take a peek at The Edge’s children from his second marriage for the time being.

Morleigh Steinberg and Two Children

As previously stated, The Edge, U2’s lead guitarist, had three children with his first wife before divorcing in 1996. In addition, in 1993, he dated Morleigh Steinberg, an American professional dancer. Daniel and Morleigh were unable to marry sooner since he was legally married to his ex-wife Aislinn O’Sullivan until 1996.

As a result, in 2002, the Evans couple married after welcoming two children, Sian and Levi, in 1997 and 1999, respectively.

Sian Evans is a British actress.

Sian Beatrice Evans, The Edge and Morgan Steinberg’s first child, was born in 1997 in Los Angeles. Despite the fact that she was born and raised in Los Angeles, she managed to stay out of the spotlight.

Edge’s daughter, Sian, was also diagnosed with Leukemia when she was seven years old in 2006, which devastated her parents. After obtaining treatment in LA and Dublin, she was able to overcome the sickness. As a result, she actively participates in cancer awareness and healthy living projects.

Sian Evans, The Edge’s daughter, overcame leukemia as a child. Morleigh’s Instagram is the source of this image.

The Evans family also contributes to a number of organizations dedicated to the treatment of cancer sufferers. She was featured in U2’s record sleeve for You’re the Best Thing About Me with a helmet, in addition to safeguarding her privacy. It was her first time working on a feature film alongside her father.

Sian has a striking resemblance to her mother, although she is adamant about her location. As a result, we can only presume that she, like her mother Morgan, is interested in art, music, and modeling. She has a younger brother, Levi, who works in the music industry.

Levi Evans is a character in the film Levi Evans

Levi Evans, The Edge’s only child, was born on October 25, 1999. Levi, the Evans family’s youngest child, must have gotten a lot of love from his three older half-siblings and an older sister. Sian.

Furthermore, Levi has always enjoyed fishing, and it was the first skill his father taught him after learning it from his own father, Garvin Evans. Currently, the father-son team goes fishing once in a while.

Levi, Edge’s son, is a musician who follows in his father’s footsteps and showcases his ability on Instagram. He has a great voice and is a pro at guitar and piano, despite the fact that he has yet to pursue a professional music career.

Levi, too, enjoys doodling and chooses to share his doodling videos and photos on Instagram.

All of the Edge’s children have grown up to be accomplished individuals in their respective fields. Furthermore, the artist is a huge supporter of his children and gives them a lot of encouragement. As a result, it will only be a matter of time before his sons and daughters become well-known figures with their own legacies.

Meaning of a Name

The name Hollie comes from an old English name that means “holly tree.” Similarly, Arran means ‘exalted’ or’strong mountain.’ Similarly, Sian is of Welsh descent and means ‘gift of God,’ whereas Levi is of Hebrew origin and means ‘connected.’

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