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Married Since 1986, 5 Facts About Mike D’Antoni’s Wife Laurel D’Antoni

Married Since 1986, 5 Facts About Mike D’Antoni’s Wife Laurel D’Antoni

Mike D’Antoni is widely regarded as one of the best coaches in NBA history, and he is most recognized for adapting his European coaching approach to the current crop of NBA players.

Mark D’Antoni is happily married to his basketball-loving wife, Laurel D’Antoni, in addition to having a successful career. The D’Antoni pair has been married for nearly three decades and is still going strong. Mike and Laurel, the parents of a son, lived in New York as their son excelled on the school’s basketball team.

As a result, here’s all you need to know about Laurel D’Antoni, Mike D’Antoni’s wife.

Previously, I worked as an international model.

Mike D’Antoni, the Rockets’ coach, has a long history as a coach and a former basketball player. Mike’s wife, Laurel, is always accompanying him and assisting him in becoming a better guy.

Mike D’Antoni’s wife, Laurel D’Antoni, was a successful international model, in case you didn’t know. She used to work for the Ford Modeling agency and went all over the world. Laurel has went overseas throughout her career, visiting Tokyo, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy.

Similarly, D’Antoni’s wife was asked by the New York Post if she had any photos from her modeling days. Rather than responding, she joked, “With clothes or without?” Laurel went on to say that life is too short not to enjoy it fully. Perhaps this is why she intended to marry in 10 days.

In 1990, Laurel D’Antoni gave up modeling to conduct a sports segment for Italian television. She is currently married to her husband of 32 years.

For More Than Three Decades, I’ve Been Married To Mike D’Antoni

Life might take an unexpected turn when you meet your soulmate anywhere, even while on vacation or on a business trip. Mike D’Antoni and his beau, Laurel, were involved in such an occurrence.

D’Antoni was a point guard and Laurel was a runway model when they met in Italy. Mike D’Antoni’s wife recalls having pizza with her girlfriend and her old lover, Wally Walker, who introduced her to Mike, in an interview with the New York Post.

Laurel also recalls D’Antoni asking if she’d want to play a game with him. Within ten days of meeting, the two had fallen head over heels in love and were arranging their wedding. Can anyone imagine that in today’s world? NO WAY!

Mike and Laurel dated for a few years before exchanging vows in 1986, despite their hasty marriage dreams. After seven years of marriage, they welcomed a son, Michael D’Antoni, and he has kept his location and privacy a secret to this day.

Laurel D’Antoni, who was born in San Diego and reared in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has overcome adversity and sacrificed for her family. Laurel is now a joyful humanitarian who supports society.

The Houston Rocket Women’s Organization was founded.

One of the most powerful emotions a person may have is compassion. Laurel D’Antoni, Mike D’Antoni’s wife, is one of them. She and her coach husband have been actively involved in charity activities for a long time.

She met her spouse as a model in Italy after graduating from the University of Washington with a degree in communication. She relocated, though, when Mike was hired as the head coach of the Houston Rockets. Furthermore, D’Antoni’s stunning wife founded the Houston Rockets Women’s Organization, which focuses on the team’s basketball operations.

Laurel, a Communication major, has also dedicated her time to sports and raising awareness for those in need. She has also headed a number of non-profit events and volunteer initiatives. Laurel also assisted in the fundraising of $1.4 million for Hurricane Harvey recovery in late 2019.

Mike D’Antoni’s wife, Laurel D’Antoni, was honored by the Texas School Public Relations Association with the Partner in Public Education Award. EHCEC’s Instagram account was used to create this image.

Mike D’Antoni’s wife was also named the inaugural laureate of the Texas School Public Relations Association in 2018. Sadly, the D’Antonios have announced that they will leave the Houston Rockets in September 2020. They are, nevertheless, one of the league’s most important members.

Mike is one of his favorite people to ride with.

Laurel’s efforts are much appreciated by the Rocket’s Women’s Organization. Despite having a hugely successful career, the coaching pair still enjoys riding together. As they catch up on their daily lives, they mistake it for dating.

They not only share a bed every night, but also an automobile on a regular basis. Laurel and Mike use their car ride as a date because they both have busy schedules. When former Houston Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni began his coaching career with the New York Knicks, the car-sharing tradition began.

Furthermore, while coping with the stressful NYC traffic, it made sense to address prospective professional concerns and spend some quality time. Car-sharing has now become an obligatory ritual, yet it is still done with excitement.

After West Virginia Flooding, Laurel was rescued by boat.

Mike D’Antoni’s life partner has shared various situations with him throughout the course of their thirty-plus years of marriage. The delight of winning championships, the thrill of working together, and the shared grief of loss. The D’Antoni pair, on the other hand, had to confront nature’s wrath together.

Mike D’Antoni’s wife, Laurel, was rescued by boat, according to ESPN, after residents in West Virginia were forced to flee their houses due to rainstorms and flooding in 2016.

Laurel D’Antoni’s coach husband also ensured the house would be minimally damaged and that everyone would be safe. Laurel was boarded in a boat with their two cats and departed their offseason home at The Greenbrier.

Mike was in Houston for the NBA draft, but it had to be one of the scariest times of his life.

As a result, Mike D’Antoni’s wife, Laurel, is his harshest critic and his greatest motivator. As a result, let’s hope the D’Antoni couple’s love remains constant till the end.

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