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Luke Roberts and Freema Agyeman Are No Longer Dating – Into Her Personal Life

Luke Roberts and Freema Agyeman Are No Longer Dating – Into Her Personal Life

Freema Agyeman is a British actress best known for her roles as Martha Jones on Doctor Who and Larissa Loughlin on The Carrie Diaries, a prequel to the popular American series Sex the City.

She’s also been seen in recent hit shows like Sense8 and New Amsterdam. She played Dr. Hanna Sharpe, the sharp-tongued director of the Oncology department in the New Amsterdam hospital, who spends more time on PR and show business than on the hospital in the series New Amsterdam.

While many people are familiar with Agyeman’s profession and on-screen accomplishments, her personal life, particularly her love life, remains a mystery.

Come come to find out more about the Doctor Who star’s personal life!

In the past, Agyeman dated actor Luke Roberts.

Actress Agyeman was in a relationship with Luke Roberts, a fellow English actor, a few years ago.

Roberts has starred in shows like Holby City, Game of Thrones, Black Sails, and Mile High.

Only a few elements of the former couple’s relationship are available publicly because they were highly private about their relationship. Agyeman and Roberts began dating in 2010, according to Meaww magazine.

Furthermore, the actress had uploaded a few photos of them on Instagram, demonstrating their relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend.

On September 19, 2015, Agyeman shared a photo of Roberts preparing a cake for her on Instagram. “It’s 7 p.m. on Saturday. We don’t want to leave the house. So my son is making a cake for me “She added a caption to the photo.

Luke Roberts, Freema Agyeman’s ex-boyfriend.

However, the two began to appear less frequently in public and were no longer seen together on social media. Roberts is currently seeing Mouna Traoré, a Canadian actress, and the two have made their relationship public.

Prior to Roberts, Agyeman dated an estate agent named James, whom she began seeing in 2009. “James is incredibly supportive, and having him around reminds me of how amazing it all is,” the actress told Mirror magazine in March 2009.

“He and my family help me put everything in perspective,” she added.

However, their relationship deteriorated, and she began dating actor Roberts as a result. The cause for Agyeman and James’s split is also unknown.

Her current status in a relationship is unknown.

Currently, the New Amsterdam actress has kept her personal life very quiet. Because of this, she keeps her relationship status a closely guarded secret.

And rumors that she is secretly married to her husband, dating a boyfriend, or is single are absolutely wrong.

As a result, it’s preferable to keep rumors and suspicions at bay until she makes her own decision.

There are also claims floating around the internet claiming Agyeman’s husband is actor Noel Clarke, which is completely false.

Clarke is married to Iris Da Silva, a former make-up artist, and they have three sons. Agyeman and Clarke only share the screen in the series Doctor Who.

Agyeman’s Quick Biography

Freema Agyeman was born on March 20, 1979, to Azar Agyeman, an Iranian mother, and Osei Agyeman, a Ghanian father. She doesn’t seem to have any religious preferences, despite the fact that her mother is a Muslim and her father is a Methodist Christian.

She does, however, appear to be predominantly inspired by her Iranian mother and culture, as demonstrated by the Persian-language tattoo on her elbow that reads “free.”