Lil Baby: Does She Have Ink? Indicates if he will ever acquire one.


The use of tattoos has long been prevalent in the music industry. Numerous musicians have inscribed tattoos on various body areas.

Some of the most recognizable tattoos in the music industry are Post Malone’s recognizable facial tattoos, Cardi B’s fully inked legs, Amber Rose’s Hollywood sign tattoos on her arms, and Lil Uzi Vert’s face tattoos.

Lil Baby is one of the very few artists who doesn’t have any tattoos.

Lil Baby Isn’t Inked

In a conversation with The New York Times, the rapper explained why he doesn’t have any tattoos. He never imagined himself as a singer or rapper.

He also preferred to maintain a professional appearance rather than adopt a “dope boy” appearance.

Similarly, he was discouraged from getting any tattoos by having to converse with white people. He didn’t want his face tattoos to force people to second-guess him in meetings.

In March 2020, he made a similar statement to iHeartRadio. He explained to them that he didn’t want people to assume he was a criminal based just on appearance. He also discussed potential designs for his first tattoo.

Lil Baby claimed he wanted a meaningful tattoo on his body.

Lil Baby did not feel at ease referring to himself as a rapper.

Lil Baby admitted he was uncomfortable calling himself a rapper in a Vanity Fair interview. He had to force himself to stop saying he wasn’t a rapper and begin calling himself one.

Despite what Lil Baby had previously thought, he was succeeding in the music business. His 2017 mixtape Perfect Timing catapulted him to popularity.

He launched his debut album, Harder Than Ever, a year later.

He released the two mixtapes Street Gossip and Drip Harder in the same year.

In 2020, he published My Turn, his second studio album, which reached its highest point on the Billboard 200. For songs like “Yes Indeed,” “Drip Too Hard,” “We Paid,” and “The Bigger Picture,” he has won praise from the critics.

He has received praise from the critics as well as nominations for a number of awards. Seven BET Awards, three Grammy Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards, and two American Music Awards have all nominated him.

The Artist of the Year award at the 2020 Apple Music Awards is the prize he has received that is most noteworthy.