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Kristen Tuff Scott’s Mastectomy Was Necessary to Stop Breast Cancer

Kristen Tuff Scott’s Mastectomy Was Necessary to Stop Breast Cancer

Social media star Kristen Tuff Scott bravely had a mastectomy to overcome a breast cancer scare.

Recently, American star Kristen Tuff Scott, who has a large fan base on social media, fought heroically against breast cancer. She is a social media influencer with 1.5 million Facebook fans, 150K Instagram followers, and 35K YouTube subscribers. She has also established herself in the comedy industry.

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Fighting Cancer With Bravery

In the middle of the 2010s, Scott, the toughest cowgirl in town, had a breast cancer diagnosis that necessitated a mastectomy.

A mastectomy is a surgical treatment in which the entire breast is removed to remove the possibility of cancer returning, according to

The social media celebrity never shied away from discussing her disease and the treatments she underwent before surgery, and she never stopped talking about it once she was healed.

On October 16, 2016, Scott posted to Instagram for the first time since her surgery to let her fans and followers know that she had defeated cancer. With her breasts removed, she boldly shared a photo of her chest online.

After Surgery, Transgender Rumors Arise

Following her breast removal via mastectomy, Scott has been inundated with messages about the loss of her breasts via a variety of channels.

In response to inquiries and transgender speculations, she declared in a Facebook video that she underwent breast removal surgery in December 2017 due to cancer.

She also revealed that, although it was untrue, she had been teased by some that, following her breast cancer surgery, she might be transgender.

Subsequently, Scott said that she was hurting from the placement of a drainage tube in her chest during the mastectomy procedure and that she was healing.

The Revelation of Telling

In her video, Scott admitted to her viewers that she hated going to the clinic during her fight against breast cancer. Since the surgery, she has gained a great deal of self-esteem and confidence, and she now posts pictures to Instagram with the hashtag #survivor.

She had surgery to remove a mole from her jaw and back after her breast operation.

Scott is now returning to her regular schedule. She is spending time with her animals and has returned to social media.

A Multidimensional Individual

Scott, who gained notoriety with the debut of Pokémon GO, loves spending time with her pets—cows, horses, and puppies—diesel automobiles, playing the guitar, singing, and fishing.

The fifth season of the reality series Redneck Island also included an online celebrity. Her appearance on the show launched her into stardom and gained her thousands of social media fans.

Her self-titled YouTube channel, which she started on December 13, 2012, featured well-known videos including “Pokemon,” “Crop dusted a cop,” and “Yoga pants!!” before her operation.

Her most recent music video was for the 2021 release of the track “Grandpa,” which was followed by “Clay County.”Additionally, she posts a lot of media on Instagram to promote her business.

She also has humorous videos on YouTube, such as “The only gay Republican,” “Funny Wisdom Teeth Removal,” and “She’s a little longer, so stick with it!” To put it mildly.