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Justin Shearer’s Chances of Divorce With His Longtime Wife & Any New Girlfriend

Justin Shearer’s Chances of Divorce With His Longtime Wife & Any New Girlfriend

After a photo of Justin Shearer with a mysterious girl surfaced online, his marriage was thought to be on the rocks. After the girlfriend debacle, his marital life has been kept under wraps, and it appears that his long-term relationship with his long-time wife may also end in divorce.

Justin, also known as Big Chief, is an American street racer and television personality best known for his role on Discovery’s Street Outlaws, which he has played for eleven seasons. He also works for Midwest Street Cars Automotive, a company that sells memorabilia.

He’s also a well-known racer in the Oklahoma City street racing scene, which is known as the United States’ street race capital.

Justin Shearer’s Net Worth and Bio

Big Chief Justin Shearer was born in the rolling hills of Louisville, Kentucky, in 1980 and raised in Oklahoma after his family relocated in 1992. He got his first taste of street racing when he was nine years old and rode his bike down Old Route 66 to watch street races.

However, due to his youth, he was unable to compete in those events. Big Chief was left with an insatiable desire to race, which he has had his entire life. When he was 12 years old, his family moved to Oklahoma, and he began to explore his knowledge of automobiles.

After establishing himself as a daredevil rider and a custom car manufacturer in Oklahoma, his resume has expanded to include racer and race conductor roles. The Big Chief is the go-to guy for racing in the Oklahoma City area, and everyone else has to go through him to get a racing permit.

Big Chief, who stands at 6 feet and 2 inches tall, has been a part of Discovery’s reality show Street Outlaws since 2013.

The show consists of a series of modifications that are made to classic cars.

He has a net worth of $2 million as a result of his reality show and his job at Midwest Street Cars Automotive office.

Justin Shearer was injured in a car accident in 2015.

Big Chief, as a custom car builder, completely transformed the Pontiac LeMans from a subcompact car to a high-powered beast known as The Crow.

The modification was a career highlight for Justin, but the Crow was completely destroyed in a 2015 accident, leaving the driver with a broken collarbone, spinal injury, and pulmonary contusions.

The racer’s enthusiasm for racing remained despite broken bones and a bruised body following the collision with Brian ‘Chucky’ Davis. In the aftermath of the accident, he wrote a thank-you message to his Facebook followers, informing them that he was fine and that he would be back.

Chief debuted his new crow, now known as Crow 2.0, two years later, which was a customized Pontiac GTO that was super light and super fast than the Crow.

At a gas station, Justin Shearer met his wife.

He had been with his partner for almost two decades in his personal life.

He married Alicia Shearer on September 29, 2006, after meeting her at a gas station in 1998. He told in December 2014 about his first meeting with his wife:

He and his ex-girlfriend had two children together.

In 2014, the father of two said that becoming “a father to his sons” was his proudest achievement.

Justin Shearer’s Personal Life Is Shrouded in Secrecy, Is He Divorced?

Big Chief, who used to use Instagram to share moments with his wife as soon as they happened, hasn’t mentioned his wife since 2016.

Justin Shearer wishes his wife a happy birthday (photo courtesy of Justin Shearer’s Instagram | August 18, 2016)

When Chief was photographed with his possible new girlfriend, Jacklyn Braasch, in an Instagram post (which has since been deleted), dark clouds hung over his happy marriage, and questions were raised about their relationship.

Big Chief and Jacklyn, on the other hand, have not confirmed their relationship.

The famous racer has remained silent about his relationship with his wife since the incident. Despite rumors that the couple is divorcing, there has been no confirmation from the couple.

He currently only posts about cars and his son on Instagram, with no new pictures of his wife to be found anywhere. All we want to know is that the couple is doing well!