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Joe Carretta’s Wife Tells Heartbreaking Miscarriage Story

Joe Carretta’s Wife Tells Heartbreaking Miscarriage Story

Joe Carretta, also known as Joe, is an education and leadership trainer who helps businesses improve their team, work environment, and culture. He is well known for his relationship with Shawn Killinger, his wife. Killinger is a well-known television personality who is best known for presenting the popular home shopping channel QVC.

Aside from their work, Carretta and Killinger are the proud parents of Jagger Jude, a three-year-old daughter. Carretta’s wife had a miscarriage at one time in her life, something many people are unaware of. Killinger and Carretta did not allow the catastrophe to define their lives, instead of continuing to love and prioritize their daughter.

In 2013, Joe Carretta and his wife Shawn Killinger married.

Killinger, Caretta’s boyfriend, and he have been married since April 13, 2013. This is, at least, what Carretta’s wife posts on Instagram.

Carretta and Killinger met on an online dating service,, according to Killinger’s article, which was the first time she had used one. Also, after meeting and falling in love with Carretta, for the last time.

Killinger expanded on the caption of the post, stating that she was a fortunate woman to have married the “best man she ever met.”

The pair is currently in their 12th year of marriage.

In 2014, Joe Carretta’s wife opened up about her miscarriage.

Caretta’s wife Shawn Killinger had a tragic miscarriage in 2014, which few people are aware of.

Killinger was recognized for sharing details about her personal life with viewers of her QVC show. Her pregnancy and miscarriage, on the other hand, were something she kept hidden from the world until she was ready to disclose.

She finally took to the QVC community on December 8, 2014, to discuss her horrific experience. She sent a long letter in which she explained how her absence from the community had resulted in rumors that had an impact on her personal life.

She went on to say that she needed to take advantage of the opportunity to address “something unpleasant and private” that had occurred because she couldn’t stand the uncertainty that rumor was bringing into her life.

She revealed right away in the letter that she and her husband had recently lost a baby girl while she was five months pregnant. She also revealed why she kept her pregnancy a secret from the public.

Killinger did not dwell on her tragedy for long, instead choosing to focus on the positive; she thanked her friends and family for supporting her and her husband during their difficult time.

She went on to say that God had a plan for everyone, even if they didn’t comprehend it the majority of the time. She then urged the community to maintain their trust and belief in God, even in difficult times, because it was He who allowed them to go through the suffering and grow stronger.

Killinger also stated that she did not want to be in pain for long. As a result, when viewers called in during the show, she advised them not to bring up the awful loss. She wished to return to the days before her loss, when she could be up in the air, cracking jokes with her co-hosts and laughing till her soul was lifted.

Finally, she ended her message on a bright note, telling her supporters that they will see her soon and that she was looking forward to getting back into the studio. According to Killinger, it was the Autumn season, and there was something in the air that cleansed the soul.

In 2017, Joe Carretta and his wife adopted a daughter.

Carretta and his wife are the parents of a daughter named Jagger Jude. Their baby girl is apparently not biological but rather adopted. Jude was adopted when she was a baby, which is unusual for adoptions.

On June 18, 2017, they announced their adoption on Killinger’s Facebook page.

According to the FB post, they adopted Jude on June 9, 2017, right after she was born.

Killinger began her statement by apologizing to her fans for her absence from her QVC show. She added that she would have celebrated her 10-year anniversary show on QVC if she hadn’t been absent from the show.

She then went on to explain why this was the case, revealing that she had been consumed with the adoption process, which was difficult not to forgive her for.

Jude, their three-year-old daughter, will be three years old in 2020.

Joe Carretta has two sons from his first marriage.

Carretta has two further children from a previous marriage, both sons. Jordan Carretta is his older son, and Joseph Carretta, or ‘Joey,’ as Killinger refers to him, is his younger son. Joseph is currently 21 years old.

However, the age of his elder son and the identity of his first wife is unknown.

Nonetheless, it is clear that Joe’s present wife, Shawn Killinger, has a positive relationship with the children. She frequently includes them in her photos. In June 2019, Killinger uploaded a photo of her eldest step-son, Jordan, receiving his diploma. And, based on the photo, it appears like Kilinger and Carretta attended Jordan’s university graduation.

Shawn Killinger and Joe Carretta celebrate their daughter’s birthday.

Carreta and his wife don’t appear to be letting their 2014 setback define their future, as they appear to be happy parents to three children.

While their two sons have grown up and are ready to strike out on their own, it is Jude, their youngest daughter, who requires attention.

Jude was prone to seizures, not merely because of her age, as Killinger’s Instagram post from May 2019 suggests. Carretta and Killinger thanked soldiers for their service to the country in their post and recounted how one veteran came to their child’s rescue when she was experiencing a seizure.

The incident may not have been causing alarm because the couple is adoring parents who make her the focus of their universe.

It’s no surprise that Carretta and QVC anchor Killinger are both preoccupied with their baby girl. Jude is rapidly filling Killinger’s Instagram account as she matures.

Killinger and Carretta celebrated Jude’s birthday with more than a dozen of her favorite muffins on June 10, 2020. The child was clearly ecstatic, as any child with two loving parents would be.